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Welcome to CigarFrank.com. We are one of the finest information providers about cigars. The trend of cigars has risen in recent years. There are millions of cigar smokers in the World at this present moment. With the advancement of electronic cigars, more people are likely to try out and smoke this fine piece of work. The numbers of Cigar smokers could reach billions in no time. 

The cigar market around the world is diverse, and the demand is increasing gradually. However, youth and men are mostly cigar smokers. The number of women cigar users is much lesser in comparison.

We are passionate about providing all the known and unknown facts of cigars. Do you know cigar-smoking allows a smoker to absorb nicotine more than cigarettes? Some cigars contain as much as 400milligrams of nicotine, whereas a typical cigarette contains about 1-2 milligrams of nicotine. But Cigar smokers do not inhale smoke as a cigarette smoker does. Fascinating, right?

We are a team of cigar lovers, and nothing makes us happier than delivering information about cigars to our visitors. If you’re a cigar lover just like us, you have come to the right place. Are you new to this world of cigars? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. We are here to help you provide all the necessary guidelines and suggestions to start as a beginner.

What do We do? 

Our professionals find and review the best and unique cigar brands all across the World. We help our clients in providing all the possible information about cigars. The existence of cigars longs back from several thousands of years ago. Many passive smokers may think that they are well aware of their beloved cigar brands. But there are plenty of surprises to be found and be amazed about.

Interested to know more? Have a look at our website and get a brief detail about all of your favorite brands. From filler to shelf, there are several unknown facts about a cigar that you should know while lightening, cutting, and smoking a cigar.

Know About the art of Cigar

A cigar is not everyone’s cup of tea. We know that. But being a smoker, you should know about the art of it. You will never prefer to feel ashamed when one of your friends passes you a cigar! Would you? We provide a basic guide on how you can smoke cigars along with some tips and tricks. 

This weekend, why not take a chill pill with a glass of whiskey and a fine cigar? Give this perfect combination a try!

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Planning to experience a cigar for the first time? Try a mild one. A cigar too strong can possibly ruin the experience of a beginner. You can try the mild-flavors available out there. It will cost you less too.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our website to get all the details about cigars. Do not hesitate to reach us. Our team is more than happy to assist you. 

We are always at your service!

About Author : Jaren Hammer


Hey there! My name is Jaren Hammer. I am a full-time graphic designer, and I love what I do. However, when you have chosen a creative line of work, you must have some special hobbies, right? Well, in my case, it’s smoking cigars! Ah! Just talking about it reminds me of the fine aroma coming out of the smoke.

It’s been 12 years since I am smoking, and I have smoked at least above 2000 cigars during this period. Although I have never tried a cigarette, and I am not planning to either. I think the cigar is something that represents class, and that’s what fascinates me the most. Then again, it’s my personal opinion.

I take great pleasure in trying out new things, and it includes everything related to cigars. On this website, I do test and review all the cool cigar accessories I have used so far or using at the moment. I love trying new and unique cigars I find every now and then. I give suggestions to people and take the same in return. If you’re on this website, chances are, you’re also hooked on cigars like me. That’s great! I will try to cover everything related to cigars through my blogs and reviews. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I really appreciate your support. Till then,

Grab a glass of Whiskey, light a Cigar, and Stay Classy!