Best Cigar Humidors: Don’t Buy Before Reading This!

When it comes to cigar collection, you shouldn’t treat them like casual cigarettes. You don’t have to make a mess while storing them. The common question everyone asks ‘’what is Cigar Humidor?’’ Whether you are new or experienced with cigars, there might be some bad smoking experiences.

Cigars are like bad boys. You should use the humidor to store them and preserve their soothing aroma. In this article, we’ll be sharing the best cigar humidors to enhance your smoking experience.

Top 3 Cigar Humidors that we highly recommend to check

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Best Cigar Humidors Reviews to Help Keep Your Cigar Fresh

MEGACRA Desktop Cigar Humidor: Best Inexpensive Humidor

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The first cigar humidor which comes on our list is by the brand Megacra. This product by Megacra is one of the best cigar humidors. It’s a uniquely crafted Spanish cedar humidor with multiple divisions to sort your cigars. This humidor comes with a humidification system and hygrometer.

With different divisions, you can store different types of cigars easily. This humidor is very similar to the humidifier, and you only need a distilled solution. Installing this humidor is also an easy task. With PU leather finish, you can store 25 to 50 cigars at once. However, you have to check the humidity level periodically.

When it comes to pricing, this inexpensive cigar humidor is user-friendly and quite cheap as well. You can use this humidor in your house and office as well. Due to the classy finish, this humidor is super reliable and scratch-resistant. It also comes with a high-quality hygrometer to maintain the humidity level. In simpler words, this humidor looks very premium. But, it doesn’t come with a jaw-dropping or premium price tag.

The hygrometer works perfectly fine according to the size and division of the box. Some additional features are also there like an internal divider tray where you further separate the space into two different divisions. If you are going to join the world of cigars, then Megarca humidor should be your choice.


  • This cigar humidor is highly durable
  • It comes with a humidifier and hygrometer
  • It is convenient and user-friendly
  • Build with solid wood and PU leather


  • You have to monitor the humidity level constantly
  • Humidity readings are not always accurate

Bald Eagle Handmade Cigar Humidor: A Premium Custom Humidor

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The second product that comes on our list is a handmade cigar humidor. Handmade cigar humidors are often pricey but worth spending every penny on them. This handmade cigar humidor is made of Spanish cedar wood with glass interiors and exteriors. Spanish cedar wood keeps the bugs away and preserves the natural aroma of your cigars. 

This handmade cigar humidor is the best considerable gift for serious cigar lovers. Your cigars will live a long life with natural smell and taste in this handmade cigar humidor. This one of the best cigar humidors features a highly advanced humidification system. This mechanism is useful in maintaining the humidity level. Above all, this humidification system is accurate and mentions the right humidity level. Constant monitoring of humidity levels is needed. 

This handmade cigar humidor can store 20 to 25 cigars at once. It also comes with a hygrometer and movable partition board. You can sort all your cigars according to size and flavor. The key feature of this cigar humidor is the built quality. Due to cedarwood and glass finish, this handmade cigar humidor is reliable and durable. 

This cigar box also comes with a scratch and dust-resistant black velvet pad to avoid any friction damage. However, it is recommended to keep this cigar box in a cooler environment.


  • This cigar box is highly durable
  • Interiors are made of cedar wood to preserve the aroma and flavor of cigars
  • Classy finished look with scratch-resistant black velvet pad
  • Build with solid wood and PU leather


  • Maintaining the humidity level is not easy
  • You have to monitor the humidity level constantly

New Capri Executive Desktop Cigar Humidor With Digital Hygrometer And Drawer

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The third product on our list is an executive desktop cigar humidor. You can consider this cigar box as one of the best cigar humidors. This cigar box is perfect for official use due to its classy Mahogany finish. The executive cigar box is made up of Spanish cedarwood. The Spanish cedar wood is proven for excellent moisture and aroma retention

With this executive desktop cigar box, you’ll never mess with your premium cigars. It comes with multiple drawers and accessories to sort out your cigars. The tempered glass top of this cigar box is scratch-resistant. The mess-free supreme humidifier can perfectly maintain the humidity level. The key feature of this executive desktop is an Upgraded Capri humidor. This highly advanced humidor features the latest hygrometer technology.

With the SureSeal technology, there are no chances of air getting trapped inside the box. This cigar box is very appealing and eye-catching. However, this cigar box is only suitable for experienced cigar smokers. The bottom part of this cigar humidor comes with a scratch-resistant black velvet pad. 

If you are finding a highly sophisticated cigar humidor, this product should be your choice. Multiple color options are also available. You can store 20 to 25 cigars in this box.


  • Highly-advanced cigar box with latest digital hygrometer technology
  • Multiple drawers and accessories with tempered glass top
  • Perfect cigar box for home and office use


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • This cigar box is quite expensive

XIFEI Acrylic Humidor Jar Review

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The craze of the premium cigar is never-ending. In fact, for gentlemen, these cigars are like perfume. Women prefer wearing accessories to look elegant. But, men look bold and classy with premium cigars. When it comes to cigars, you also need the best cigar humidors. XIFEI is a famous brand that manufactures various cigar accessories.

With this cigar humidor, you’ll never feel disappointed. This cigar humidor comes in a cylindrical shape. The design is very simple, with easy adjustments. You can store max 15 to 20 cigars in this humidor. It comes with a dropper, humidifier and other necessary accessories. You don’t need to buy them separately. In simpler words, this humidor is the perfect gift for cigar lovers. 

This cigar humidor is built with high-quality acrylic material. It is fully transparent with a traditional hygrometer. There is a retaining ring fixed at the top with tightly sealed rubber gaskets. The traditional external hygrometer is quite accurate and easy to read. Above all, you don’t have to install this humidor. Setup is very quick and easy

XIFIE acrylic humidor is the perfect alternative for wooden cigar boxes. When it comes to pricing, this cigar humidor is the best value for money product. However, this cigar humidor is only suitable for beginners. At last, you can purchase this budget-friendly and reliable cigar humidor for personal use.


  • The acrylic material is strong and durable
  • Easy to read top mounted hygrometer
  • No installation process


  • Only suitable for beginners
  • Can only hold max 20 cigars

Visol Products VCASE452 Joe Travel Cigar Humidor: Best Cigar Travel Case/ Pouch

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Keep your cigars at an appropriate moisture level with Visol Products Cigar Case Humidor. It helps in preventing your cigars from deteriorating or worsening. It can hold 1 to 4 cigars at a time, depending on the ring gauge. Moreover, it has an integrated hygrometer and built-in humidifier that provide excellent cigar preservation. The plus part is that this Little Joe cigar humidor is lightweight.

Bulky and often large humidors are not a good option for traveling. You need something that is portable and can be fit anywhere. Visol travel cigar humidor is not only ideal for traveling purposes but also prevents them from dryness. Its trivial aluminum body allows you to carry it while traveling. 

Top-notch quality satin-finished stainless steel exterior ensures that your cigars are completely safe. Moreover, the humidor is very robust and makes sure that cigars are kept at the right temperature. It’s convenient to fit this cigar case humidor inside any coat packets. 

Excellent design for added cigar protection and can hold humidity for at least 10 to 14 days. After that, you can add some more solution so that humidor provides humidity to each cigar equally. Additionally, it ensures that your cigars smell fresh even if you are traveling. The product is well-constructed, and the humidifier attached in the bottom is trouble-free to recharge with water. 

The best part is that you can easily adjust the hygrometer with a small screwdriver. Thus, if you like to travel with your cigars, investing in VCASE452 Cigar Case Humidor is the best choice. 


  • Stainless steel exterior enhances its look
  • Can accommodate four long cigars effortlessly
  • Provides humidity for at least 10-14 days
  • Easily fit in any coat pocket


  • No separate holder for cutters
  • Shallow slot

Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 Electronic Humidifier Review : Best Smart Humidor

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Invest your money on the Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 Electronic Humidifier and keep all your cigars well-humidified. Being the original creator of the electronic humidifier, Cigar Oasis is highly known for offering quality products. The involved water cartridge system allows this humidifier to pick up and spread more humidity, even in a wide area. 

It’s effortless to set it and forget its cigar humidification solution. Thus, it is suitable for smaller cabinets as well as chests. It includes the updated LCD backlit display of the existing level of humidity. Additionally, it displays temperature and the current set point. 

Moreover, Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 has built-in capabilities of Wi-Fi. A Smart Humidor Subscription allows you to have a remote monitor and control with your smartphone. You need just to plug in and fill it up. Without any worry, you can enjoy free humidification for up to 2 months before more distilled water is required. Once you start using it, you will say that humidor maintenance has never been so easy before this product. 

Now, it’s trouble-free to set the humidity to the preference level with Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0. It offers you maintenance-free, consistency, and long-term humidity control with one product. The best part is that the powerful fan product circulates humidity to each cigar equally.


  • Includes LCD displaying humidity and power adapter
  • Easy to use plus easy to save cigar collection
  • Hassle-free to see humidor’s relative humidity (RH)
  • Provides Wi-Fi compatible unit


  • Quite large to store
  • Does not support many cigars as compared to other humidors

CIGARISM Crocodile Style Travel Cigar Case Humidor: Best Humidor with cutter and Lighter

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Maintain humidity of your cigars with the best crocodile style cigar case humidor. Being a well-known brand that always provides quality cases, CIGARISM has always remained the first choice. This tradition is highly maintained with the travel cigar case humidor. Spanish Cedar Lined included in it imparts its aroma to cigars. 

Moreover, it resists cigar beetles as well as pinhead-sized pests efficiently. Its zipper is made of high-quality golden metal, that’s not only smooth but stable as well. It ensures that your cigars do not get stuck. The metal zipper, rich color, and elaborate designs on the cutter and lighter gave it a classy look. 

Feel comfortable to hold Crocodile Style Travel Cigar Case Humidor with elegant and high-end workmanship involved. The top-notch quality leather, marked with brown alligator patterns, makes it look beautiful. Added one siphon and one humidifier makes this cigar case humidor functional. The involved little humidor, along with the dropper, helps deliver distilled water to it. The users will surely find this cigar case humidor durable and high to buy for traveling purposes. 

Crocodile head embossment in the middle makes it comfortable to carry it anywhere while traveling. Without crushing your cigars, this product holds them securely. The smoked cigars are efficiently removable so that you can add longer sticks on that side. Apart from it, this cigar case includes a cutter, cigar lighter, and a cedar tray that holds about four cigars at a time. It shows that this cigar case humidor is not only beautiful but also well-made for the organization and ease. 


  • Comes with numerous accessories such as cutter, lighter, and so on
  • Spanish Cedar Wood leather case
  • Beautifully designed plus high-quality case
  • Lightweight and durable


  • The sizes of cigars it can hold are limited

Things to Consider While Purchasing Best Cigar Humidors

There are a lot of different types of cigar humidors available in the market. Therefore, it’s important to pick the right one according to your needs. Here are some of the things you should consider while buying humidors.

Style And Aesthetic

Your preferred style depends entirely on you. The best cigar humidors come in various styles and shapes. Cigar humidors are built in various materials like wood, plastic, acrylic, metal, etc. Wood humidors are always highly recommended. Yes, because they are durable and reliable as well. But, solid or cedarwood humidors are quite expensive. If you want that eye-catching aesthetic look, wood humidors are perfect.

Above all, when it comes to budget, then acrylic ones should be your ideal choice.

Humidors With Cedar Lining

The material used while manufacturing humidors matters a lot. The primary use of humidors is to preserve the taste and aroma of cigars. Spanish cedar has a masculine fragrance that can enhance the characteristics of your cigar. Therefore, your preferred humidor should have cedar lining at the top and bottom. Above all, high humidity cannot also crack the cedar lining. Spanish cedar is always used for humidors because it doesn’t lose durability even after heavy usage. 

Size Of Humidors

This factor entirely depends on your cigar collection. If you are an amateur, you might be having a collection of max 10 cigars. Therefore, the size of humidors is your personal choice. Casual cigar smokers should purchase a small size humidor. Bigger ones are more expensive and perfect for daily smokers. However, investing in large humidors will be a wise choice.

Check The Upper Seal 

The seal of the humidor is one of the important factors to be considered for choosing the best cigar humidors. You should always check the seal lifting the lid frequently. If the seal is perfect, you’ll hear a whooshing sound. Therefore, you should check whether the seal is working perfectly or not. For advanced testing, you can also use a crisp dollar bill.

So, now purchasing your ideal humidor is an easy task. But, you should research thoroughly and consider these factors before investing your money. 

Final Thoughts:

Your cigars need a warm environment along with a bit of humidity. It helps in preventing them from drying and that is the sole purpose of the best cigar humidors. So, if you have various cigars and you want to carry them with you, having a cigar case humidor becomes essential.

A quality cigar case humidor can store multiple cigars and protect them from coming in contact with moisture. The best part about the cigar case humidors listed above is that they all are lightweight. If you buy the efficient humidor, then it ensures that humidity circulated is reaching each cigar placed. It allows you to carry cigars conveniently wherever you go.

FAQs on Best Cigar Humidors:

1. How long will a cigar last in a humidor?

Cigar fans should know that they can store their cigars for at least three months in a humidor.

2. Can dry cigars be rehydrated in a humidor?

Yes, it’s possible to rehydrate your cigars. Though you properly care for your cigars, they still might get dry out, and you need an efficient solution to save your cigar. Whether you forgot to remoisten your humidor or left your cigar in your cabinet, it’s possible to rehydrate your cigars

3. How many cigars should I keep in my humidor?

It generally depends on the capacity of your cigar case humidor. Suppose your collection is around 40-50 cigars at the time when you purchase a humidor. Then, you must buy a humidor that can hold at least 75 cigars. It will keep your cigars more evenly humidified if you buy high capacity humidors. 

4. Should I take cigars out of plastic in a humidor?

It’s highly recommendable to remove the plastic of your cigars when you are going to place it in the humidor.  It is because the plastic prevents humidity from getting in your cigar. However, by removing plastic, you will find that your cigars respond better to humidification.

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