5 Best Cigar Punch: Reviews and Buying Guide

Smoking a cigar is a hobby for some but a lifestyle for many. The idea of smoking a cigar is lightening it and buffing it off, once you have had your smoke. There’s much more to it. You should note that while smoking a cigar, some important accessories such as the best cigar punch should definitely be a part of your cigar box.

A cigar punch is also known as the bullet punch and is like the shape of a keychain. The cigar punch functions for twisting so that there is an exposure of the circular blade.

Also, its main function is that there can be a hole in the cigar cap. The main reason due to which, there is a spike in the demand for the best cigar punch is that it prevents tobacco from reaching the tongue.

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Some of the Best cigar Punchers in your budget are as follows

Screwpop Cigar Punch 3.0 UltraSharp

This model is already available at a reasonable price. If you are looking for the best cigar punch that comes with large and sharp gauge punches for the cigar, this model is just the right pick for you.

It comes with the clips for keyrings, pulling the zipper, golf bag, backpacks as well as a lot more. This model of the cigar punch comes with a screw design as well that has an Ejector Rod incorporated also.

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This will help in the removal of the cigar leaf very nicely. Interestingly, this model also has the feature that will help you open the bottles also. What more could you have asked for?


✅ This size is good and easy so that one can take it anywhere
✅ The price is affordable about the competitive products in the market
✅ The design of this product is highly functional
✅ Omit built of this piece is strong as well as durable
✅ Provides the advantage of being more than just a cigar punch


❌ The cutting portion of the puncher is quite thin, so the long term use of this product might be questionable.
❌ The overall size is not long as per the expectation of the customers.


XIFEI Cigar Puncher

For those of you who are a fan of something that is all in one, this is the best cigar puncher for you. It has all the qualities of a good cigar lighter, cigar puncher, cigar stand, cigar draw enhancer, and whatnot. To make use of the specific functions, what you need to do is remove the other parts and make use of the required one independently.

This product has a body of metal and Liquefied petroleum gas is a part of this to fuel this product. There is a possibility of the performance of many functions with one of the best cigar puncher.

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There is a consideration on the window of oil level concerning the universal filling valve. Butane is replenishable and hence, this product was not filled with the same fuel. The appearance of the flame is explicit on lighting and comes with a packing similar to that of a gift box.

Also, the after-sales service for this product is very convenient and reliable.


✅ This best Cigar puncher can well perform various functions at a time.
✅ The product is a result of metal and thus, is durable.
✅ LPG is a part of this product. It means it is a pretty environment and user friendly, too.
✅ The carrying of this product is easy and does not cause any trouble.


❌ The availability of this product might be an issue. So you should search for it an order beforehand so that you don’t miss out on the chance of buying it


CIGARLOONG Cigar Punch Double Blade

Next up in the list of the best cigar puncher is the Cigarloong Cigar Punch. This particular product is available in the market in different colors as well as a variant price range. So, it is easier for you to fulfill your color requirements if you are color specific and as per your pocket, as well. If you closely have a look at this product, you will notice that the design of this product is hand-carved and you’ll be more than convinced to buy it.

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It has a retro design that’ll pump you to create your personalized cigar drill as well. Also, there are screws taking care of the opening and closing of this best cigar puncher. All you need to do is gold the front, as well as the middle, ends properly. Make sure that you are using both your hands for an easy opening.

Interestingly, there are openings of different sizes owing to a better degree of customer satisfaction. Also, you can easily reach out for customer care support. They’ll help you make a great decision and buy the best cigar puncher.


✅ This is a product of stainless steel and zine-alloy. This means that the built is strong, sturdy, and durable.
✅ You need not worry regarding the rusting as it is not happening anytime soon.
✅ The unscrew design and look is very classy.
✅ Comes in different color and price variants.
✅ Comes with a gift box, hence, you can easily carry them from one place to the other.


❌ The price goes a little higher in range.
❌ The availability of stock is a thing of concern.


TOMOLO Cigar Punch

It is one of the best cigar punchers that contains the goodness of both metals as well as plastic. The fuel type used for the lighter is LPG that means Liquefied Petroleum Gas. the top of the lighter is a result of the zinc alloy that is trustable with its durability. 

It is also very sturdy if we draw a comparison between the other competitive models. The design of the fuel tank is completely transparent. As far as there is a concern of the practicality quotient, it is to an all-time high with the presence of the design of the best cigar puncher. This product has a very high quality of triple jet flames that ensure a greater degree of firepower.

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 Interestingly, you can make use of these for lightening cigars, cigarettes and also can make its use in kitchen work and outdoor activities like hiking. So, you have a lot of things covered this way. 

Also, while reading the name, you might think that the product will have a butane when the delivery takes place. But, to follow the USPS regulations of safety, butane will not be a part of this. Also, this product comes with the manufacturers’ warranty of a period of 1 year.


✅ This product promises a convenient and easy adjustment for the flame.
✅ This product comes with a warranty that functions on the requirement.
✅ Triple flame promising a high degree of firepower.
✅ There is a torch lighter too, that functions to use during an emergency.
✅ This product helps in lightening things apart from a cigar too


❌ This product has less functionality being a cigar puncher.
❌ The availability of this problem might be a problem.


Stainless Steel Cigar Punch

Reading about the various cigar punchers, their features, advantages, and disadvantages, by now, you might have an idea about the kind of product you want. So, if you are looking for something that works solely as a cigar puncher, this product is the best pick for you. 

Also, this is very much affordable and also has an eye-pleasing design. This product is a result of stainless steel and thus, there should be no questions related to the durability as well as the sturdiness of the product. 

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This product weighs 41 grams and can make a punch hole of size 6.5 mm. There comes an amazing gift box with this product as well that ensures proper storage and easy ways of carrying it too long distances.


✅ The built of this product is strong, reliable, and durable.
✅ The product is also rust-resistant for a long period.
✅ Overall look is eye-catchy
✅ Price cap is very affordable


❌ This product has nothing more to offer than being just a basic cigar puncher
❌ The constant availability of the product might be a problem
❌ If you are looking for a combination of a puncher and a lighter, this product is not the right pick for you


Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Cigar Punch

The best cigar punch is emerging as a popular choice amongst people who have a thing for traveling. By now, most of you might be well aware of the function of a cigar puncher. Well curved into a ring, the cigar puncher has a blade that functions to use so that the cigar head’s cap. Now, when you are planning to buy the best cigar puncher, don’t go for one blindly. Read and understand the buying guide, and then, finally, make your decision.

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Keyring attachment

Usually, the best cigar punch come attached with a keyring, and sometimes, it comes alone. So, if you are someone who is not good with the handling of things, opt for the one with a keyring.

There are fewer chances of you misplacing it. On the other hand, if you find the keyring thing a turnoff, go for simply the one that comes along. The design of the products also vary and you should choose the one that fits your preference the most.


You might have an idea now regarding the multi-functionality of the best cigar puncher. Some are a combination of lighters and punchers, some have a torch inside, and some come with a bottle opener too. Again, the last choice should be yours and you should not be settling for anything, in any case.

The design, functions, variety, built and all the other considerable features are different. A complete package is the one that will fit your need the most. So, don’t pick something out of the blue or just because it is trending. You are going to spend your money so, spend it in a way that benefits you the most.


This is last but one of the most important factors. If something is in trend but not in your budget, the best pick is not to buy it, just for the sake of it. There are many options available in the market belonging to different price ranges. So, you should go for the one which satisfies your taste, liking, convenience and most importantly, your budget.

Sometimes, the features and design of products result in a price rise. However, basic models for a lesser price are available as well that are equally good, serving your requirement of a cigar puncher.

Best Cigar Punch FAQs 

What is a better pick – a cigar cutter or a cigar puncher?

This depends on the purpose of your purchase. If your purpose of buying is cutting a hole in the cap of a cigar, then you should buy the cigar puncher. But, if you are looking for ways to cut your cigars, then you should buy the best cigar puncher or scissors or cutters.

How is exactly the cigar puncher designed for functioning?

You need to punch the cigar cap with the leaves so that there is a perfect hole. This will ensure that the smoke flows through nicely. You should insert the cigar puncher towards the cigar cap. Begin with rotating the hole in a clockwise direction followed by an anti-clockwise one. 

After this, pull the punch out and make sure to discard all the attached clippings to it. If you want a perfect role, wet the cap before you are beginning to punch.

Is it possible to make use of a cigar puncher that comes along with a lighter?

This is no different. You can make use of a cigar puncher on a lighter in a similar way to a normal cigar lighter. Insert it towards the cap, apply an equal amount of pressure and watch the blades do the magic.

There are different cigar punchers available in the market. All these cater to different cigar cutting requirements. All the cigar smokers have different expectations out of a cigar puncher. The end result should be that the precious cigar should not be wasted. Hence, pick the style that suits you the best.

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