5 Best Cigar Scissors Reviews and Buying Guide

A cigar scissor is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your cigar accessory collection. If you are an occasional cigar smoker or a regular one, you ought to have splendid accessories. Trust me, they are going to add to your experience of smoking a cigar. 

Be it the fine cutting of the cigar or preventing the unnecessary wastage of your cigar, the best cigar scissors add to the ease and convenience of smoking a cigar. Your experience and bar of smoking a cigar just got higher with the best accessories for you in town. 

Scroll through the best cigar scissors options available for you in the market. Have a look at what they have to offer and which is the best for an amazing cigar mocking experience.

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Best Cigar Scissors: Our Top Choice

 Felice All Metal Stainless Steel Cigar Scissors

This particular cigar cutter is one of the best cigar scissors because of many reasons. This is a 420 stainless steel cutter that has a polished finish, is non-tarnished as well as super sharp. This piece is a sheer example of commendable craftsmanship as well as sturdy construction. The functioning of this cutter is exceptional and don’t worry, your cigar will cut clean. There will be no kind of damage to your precious cigar.

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Here’s a tip for you if you are buying this particular cigar scissor. If you like to stack your cigars in any kind of humidor, a good cigar scissor can find your way in it too and will help you enjoy a freshly cut cigar anytime you feel like having it. Also, consider this as an amazing gift, if you are confused about gifting. However, keep it out of the reach of children. They might end up putting their fingers inside it and getting hurt.


C CIGARLOONG Stainless Steel Cigar Scissors with Portable Folding Multi-Function

This is another model making it to the list of the best cigar scissors. This cigar cutter model is made of a stainless steel blade and goes easy on cutting cigars to the desired shape. The most amazing feature of this model is its cutting diameter. All thanks to it, it can well accommodate the cutting of cigars of various shapes. 

It has a folding design which means that you can carry it easily to anyplace whenever you feel like it. This can also be used as a beer opener and also helps in the packing of the carton boxes. Also, it is easy to clean the ash that finds its place inside the pipe. 

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If you are looking for something multi-purpose, go for something like this. However, be extra safe while cutting the cigar, and don’t hurt yourself.


✅  Easy, convenient, and foldable design so that it can be carried to any desired place.
✅ Can be used as more than just a cigar cutter – beer opener, unpackaging as well as ash cleaning up the pipe.
✅ Helps in the fine and easy cutting of the cigar, without wasting the cigar.
✅ Smart and classy look.


❌  Might be a little expensive for some.
❌ Not a piece for those who are solely looking for a cigar cutter.


Jascaela Stainless Steel Cigar Scissors

As the name suggests, this is one of the best cigar scissors that is priced at different prices. There is a difference in the range because of the color availability, the best one being the pretty gold color. 

The material used for the making is premium stainless steel and this product is a result of impeccable craftsmanship as well as a very strong built. This cigar cutter is free from corrosion. Do not hesitate, as this cigar has another feature of being wear-resistant as well. 

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Also, it cuts pretty sharp, is durable, and also comes with the facility of being carried easily. This is pocket-sized and comes in different shapes and sizes. So, as a customer, you have the chance of choosing the one that suits your need, preference, and most importantly, your budget the most.


✅ Excellent and classy look.
✅ Comes in different color variants.
✅ Easy usage and storage of the product.
✅ Ensures sharp cutting and durability.
✅ Does not rust easily or is exposed to any other kind of dangers.
✅ Comes in different styles and shapes for the desired cutting shape and size.


❌ The delivery of this product is a little location-specific.
❌ If you want to buy the gold windmill model, it is a slightly overpriced.


Credo Special T Quad 4 Blade Cigar Cutter for Ring Guage

There are many reasons because of which, this particular model has made a list of the best cigar scissors. This is a perfect cut and selects for those who are looking for an inexpensive cigar cutter that comes with a double blade.

The best thing about the cutter is that it has the quality of having 2 blade cutters as well as the quality of scissors as well. The built is of ABS plastic as well as stainless steel. The 4 blades help in calibrating the fine cutting of torpedo cigars.

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There are a total of 4 blades that have been designed in a way to give a perfect cut to the cigars. When you see the design, you’ll know that there is a big ring gauge. This ring gauge will help in the cutting of both the small as well as the big cigars. The cutting can be done in different shapes as per your liking and convenience.


✅ The cost of this cutter is very much affordable.
✅ The blades of the scissors help in the proper cutting of the cigars.
✅ The ring gauges allow in cutting the big cigars and small ones in the perfecto, pyramid as well as the torpedo shapes.


❌  The product might not be very durable in comparison to other models.


Visol Archibald Matte Black Stainless Steel Cigar Scissors

If you are a big fan of the black color, and are also looking for one of the best cigar scissors in the same color, this should be your definite pick. This cigar cutter helps in the cutting of the large ring gauge cigars. It can go up to the size of a 60 ring gauge. 

Also, to bring to your notice, this is a heavy scissor piece. This product is overall beneficial for the old school cigar connoisseur also. So, it is amazing if you want to cut your cigar off the perfect shape and size, without putting a lot of effort into pressing. 

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The size is convenient enough to be put inside any jacket’s pocket. The body of this cigar cutter is made up of solid, thus ensuring a sturdy body. There are 2 large handles in this model. These handles help in the proper handling of the cigar scissor and cut the cigar in the perfect shape.


✅ Large handles for better handling of product and cutting the cigar.
✅ The black matte provides an amazing finish.
✅ Heavy scissors to help cut any of your cigars.
✅ You can cut both the big and the small-sized cigars up to the 60 ring gauge.
✅ Razor shape blades and strong built, won’t deteriorate over time.


❌ The availability might become an option sometimes.
❌ Fewer features for the price of the product.


Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Cigar Scissors

So, there’s a lot that is required to be considered while buying the best cigar scissors. The buying guide for the same is stated below

Scissors’ Cut

This is the first thing that you should consider while buying the best cigar scissor. There are many different ways in which a cigar can be cut. The characteristics of each cutter are different and might suit the preference of different individuals. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages as well.

Some of the best cigar scissors will give you a straight cut, some will deliver a punch cut, and some will help in giving a V cut. 

So, choose the one that you like the most. Make sure that your cigar does not go to waste. The shape that you want to cut will eventually help you in buying a particular cigar scissor. But, be extra careful while buying as some buyers will try and convince you of a particular cigar scissor that may not give you the desired cut.

Quality of the Blades

The whole idea of buying a cigar scissor comes down to one fact – the blades. There is no point in buying a cigar scissor with dull blades. It will not cut the cigar properly and will ruin the shape of the cigar. You’ll end up wasting more cigars than smoking. 

You can ruin your overall experience of smoking a cigar because of crushed and torn tobacco. So, make sure that you choose and make a good investment in terms of a cigar scissor having good blades. The blades should be sharp enough to cut clean as well as deeply through the leaves thud providing appropriate finishing.

Quality as a Whole

While buying a cigar scissor, it is important to understand that not all scissors are made equally and with the same technique and features. All the cigar scissors are of different quality and it has a direct relation with the efficiency. 

All this makes a difference to the smoke of the cigar. Any scissor belonging to a poor quality will invite many uninvited problems like uneven cigars and uncut or half shapes. So, better to do good research, collect reviews, and then, go for buying the best. 


There is no designated budget for buying the best cigar scissors in town. If you have a cousin or a friend who is spending 30-40$ for buying a cigar scissor, you don’t need to buy a cigar scissor of the same amount. If you have a relatively low budget, you can choose the product offering the best features in that bracket. The best cigar scissors are available in the market with a varied price range that lies between 6-18$. 

You should go for the one which serves your need without burdening your pocket to any extent. But make sure that you don’t go for a very cheap one as there may be a risk of your cigar being spoilt with that.

Types of Material

There are color and material specifications also available. Some come in silver color, some have a matte black effect, and some come with a golden coating. Some are made up of stainless steel while some are a result of plastic. 

All these are additional features and those of you, who are well convinced with the beautification of the products, should go for their preferred color options. The material, however, benefits the durability. A steel scissor will go on for a long time in comparison to a one made up of plastic.

Best Cigar Scissors FAQs 

How to make use of a cigar cutter as a new cigar smoker?

Using a cigar scissor is not a very difficult task. All you need to do is open the mouth of your cigar scissor and place it against the faint line present on the cigar. Apply equal pressure in cutting the cigar in the proper shape. If you place the cigar beyond the faint line, you might end up unraveling your precious cigar.

Is it important to cut a cigar?

Unlike cigarettes, cigars cannot be pulled off easily. You cannot simply light a cigar and crumble them or throw it away, like a cigarette. Smoking and putting off a cigar is different. The cigars have a closed head and it is important to cut them before you begin to smoke the cigar one again.

What is better to use – a cigar puncher or scissor?

A cutting of a cigar with a puncher is different from that of a scissor. A cigar puncher will create a hole in the cigar but the area will be less for the smoke to pass through properly. The cigar scissors will properly slice the cigar and will help in producing smoke that is comparatively thick and strong.


Many of us have an endless love affair with cigars as we term as some of our few joyful moments. Even if you like the atoms, the flavor, or just the look of the cigar, there are many reasons to invest in the best cigar scissors in town. After all, the cigar is one kind of luxury that people out there choose for themselves. So, why not be an amazing one with all the benefits intact.

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