Best Digital Hygrometer for Humidor: Buying Guide

If you are fond of cigar smoking, you should not miss out on this article as we will talk about the best digital hygrometer for a humidor, which is needed to maintain the optimum moisture of a cigar. 

But what is the need to maintain the proper humidity of cigars? It is required for maintaining the freshness of the cigar and prevents it from drying out. So now you know the purpose of using a humidor and should buy one for yourself if you keep two or more cigars in store. 

However, you need to be extra careful while choosing a digital hygrometer for your humidor, as it should match the type of humidor you have. It should also be perfect for the number of cigars you store. 

So without wasting any more time, let us take a quick look at the top 5 digital hygrometers for your humidor, which are easy to use and easy to set up. Besides this, we will also discuss some of the criteria which you need to analyze before buying a digital hygrometer. Let’s get started! 

Best Digital Hygrometer for Humidor

1. Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer by Western Humidor

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So starting with the first hygrometer on our list, that is cigar oasis IV. It is one of the best options for the storage of cigars at an optimum moisture level. It is loaded with the latest humidity sensor, which is highly accurate. Moreover, it is already calibrated when you pull it out of the box, and the user can recalibrate if needed, which makes it user-friendly. 

The Caliber IV is an updated form of Caliber III with many advanced features such as the presence of a re-calibration option and the new form of packaging with only one thing remaining constant, and that is the unbeatable performance. 

Now talking about the design, it is unique with an element of style. The slim profile makes it one of the top choices for most buyers. It gives both temperature and humidity, and the temperature reading can be switched between two scales: Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

The magnetic mount ensures a safe and secure mounting. With the hygrometer, you will also get the battery needed to use the device for cigar humidors and wooden instruments, greenhouse, or any other use. 

What We Like

  • It has excellent battery life. 
  • It is easy to use with clear readings. 
  • It can easily adhere to any surface, and hence you will not face many problems in mounting. 
  • It has a unique design. 
  • The customer care unit is always present to provide any kind of assistance that you may need while using this device. 

What We Don’t LIke

  •  Most of the people complained about the faulty calibration. 
  • It is not so accurate. 
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2. Briidea Digital Hygrometer

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Coming to our next hygrometer is again one of the most trusted brands with high-quality performance and sufficient durability. The best part about this hygrometer is the user-friendly display which is quite easy to read. It monitors the maximum and minimum value of temperature and humidity, which can be readjusted easily. 

It records the humidity and displays WET, OK, or DRY to help you know whether you can store the cigars or not. The use of the latest humidity and temperature sensor makes this device highly accurate and user-friendly. 

Along with the hygrometer, you will also get a battery inside the box. You can start using it directly after taking it out of the box, as these are usually pre-calibrated. Moreover, you can also re-calibrate it according to your needs. You can record the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. 

This is an all-rounder because you can use it for cigar humidors, wooden objects, and greenhouses. Overall this is a great hygrometer with almost all the desired features, and you should definitely go for it if you want something nice for the price. 

What We Like

  • It has an easy-to-read digital display. 
  • It is quite affordable. 
  • This product is highly durable with a high level of accuracy. 
  • It is small and portable. 
  • A lot of verified users appreciate the customer care service. 

What We Don’t Like

  • It has poor quality control. 
  • The manual does not mention which battery to use. 
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3. HygroSet II Round Digital Hygrometer for Humidors

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This digital hygrometer is quite popular among its users because of its accuracy and high-quality performance. Moreover, the large digital display makes it much more appealing as it becomes easier to monitor the humidity and temperature levels. Even the overall look is also very attractive, along with a strong framework making it highly durable in the long run. 

It is compatible with most cigar humidors and gives highly accurate readings of temperature and humidity. It has a refresh rate of 10 seconds. It can be mounted interiorly with double-sided tape and a magnet on the back, ensuring safe attachment. All these things make it a perfect device for all cigar lovers by keeping the cigars in the best possible state. 

It is again a versatile device because, besides the cigar humidors, it is also used for wooden instruments and food storage. It can be easily calibrated and requires minimum maintenance. Last but not least is the long-lasting battery included in the box and the humidor, and an instruction manual. 

What We Like

  • This hygrometer is very easy to install.
  • Long-lasting battery life. 
  • It has an easy-to-read user interface.
  • It can firmly adhere to the humidor.
  • It is highly durable. 

What We Don’t Like

  •  It is hard to calibrate according to a lot of users. 
  • This device is not so accurate. 
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4. Dinctery Metal Digital Hygrometer 

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Okay, so talking about this digital hygrometer, it is one of a kind with some unique features and a retro look with a round shape, making it very attractive. It is very easy to install in various storage boxes. It can efficiently drill the cigar boxes, and you should make it one of your “must-have ” items if you are a cigar lover. 

It is mainly used to record the level of humidity of the cigars to keep its moisture level under control and maintain its freshness. In terms of accuracy, it has a great performance. It is one of the most durable digital hygrometers, and it is a highly sensitive device. 

It can read relative humidity as well, which is again one of the major perks of using this product. One thing which makes it different is the absence of a battery which is not required while using this digital hygrometer. It is not very heavy, and thus it is highly portable. After analyzing all the features of this hygrometer, we can say that the device is reliable in almost every aspect and can become the perfect match for your cigars. 

What We Like

  • It is very easy to use and easy to install. 
  • It has a unique design and retro look. 
  • It does not require batteries. 
  • This hygrometer is available at a very affordable price. 
  • This hygrometer is very long-lasting.

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not monitor the temperature, unlike other digital hygrometers already mentioned in this article. 
  • There is a scope of improvement in terms of accurate moisture readings. 
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5. Volenx Small Round Digital Hygrometer

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Lastly, we will be talking about this small digital hygrometer with a user-friendly display that swiftly records the temperature and humidity of the outside environment. It is a highly accurate device with a refresh rate of 10 seconds. Furthermore, it has a unique design with a sturdy framework which makes it durable and one of the bestsellers. 

Just like the other hygrometers, you can use this digital hygrometer to record the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, which makes it even more convenient for the users. Besides all this, the Volenx Digital Hygrometer is an all-rounder as you can also use it for your office, lab, greenhouse, or even at your home like your living room or kitchen. Now it seems to be a wise investment. Isn’t it? 

Along with the hygrometer, you will also get a battery required to use the hygrometer to prevent the cigars from drying out. It has a magnetic mount, and hence you can easily keep it anywhere you want to. Thus it is an absolutely very easy-to-use device, and you should definitely go for it if you want a hassle-free setup. 

What We Like

  •  It has a user-friendly display. 
  • It is quite affordable. 
  • It gives the readings of both temperature and humidity. 
  • It has multiple uses and hence can solve a lot of your problems at once.

What We Don’t Like

  • The accuracy is not up to the mark. 
  • This product is not so durable. 
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Things to consider before buying a digital hygrometer 

Requirements – Here, you need to analyze what your requirements are and what type of humidor you have. Depending upon the number of cigars you have in store and the size of the humidor, you have to select a digital hygrometer that suits your needs. Make sure that the dimensions and weight of the hygrometer are properly analyzed before making the final decision to avoid any sort of difficulty in the future. 

Specific features– When you will buy a digital hygrometer, you have to pay attention to some of the factors such as accuracy, RH ratings, design, and display. Talking about the accuracy, the hygrometer should be highly accurate to give you the perfect readings of humidity and temperature that will help keep the cigars at an optimum temperature and moisture level. Also, take note of the dimensions and weight of the hygrometer to analyze whether it is perfect for your use or not. 

Cost- Lastly, you have to check the price of the hygrometer and see whether it is within your budget or not. No need to go for some high-priced hygrometer as many low-priced ones can do the work equally well. However, do not choose a very low-priced hygrometer with a faulty set up as it may disappoint you soon with its poor performance. So if all these factors are under check, then you are all set to buy a digital hygrometer for your humidor. 

FAQs on Best Digital Hygrometer for Humidor

1. What is the best hygrometer for a humidor?

This question cannot have a single answer as it depends on the user’s use and requirements. However, overall we can suggest the Cigar Oasis Caliber IV digital hygrometer with some of the best features and a low price. Moreover, it has got very high ratings, which shows that many buyers trust it and gives proof about its high-quality performance. 

2. Are cheap hygrometers accurate? 

It is a popular myth that only the expensive hygrometers display accurate readings of temperature and humidity. There are many digital hygrometers available in the market that are unbeatable in terms of accuracy and sometimes even show better performance than the high-priced ones. 

3. Are digital or analog hygrometers better?

While comparing, we will always recommend a digital hygrometer over an analog one because they give more precise readings than the other. However, this does not mean that a high-quality analog hygrometer will be a total disappointment in giving accurate readings. Another perk in the case of a digital hygrometer is that it records the temperature, which helps you check all the parameters suitable for cigars’ storage. 


Before finishing the article, we will advise you to check out the digital hygrometers mentioned here, selected based on the reviews and ratings of most of the verified users. The next thing is to analyze the factors already given in this article before choosing the ultimate hygrometer for your humidor. 

If all the factors are under check, then you can select one hygrometer and use it to keep your cigars fresh. That’s it for today! We will be back with our next article having some mind-blowing facts and information that will be very useful for you. I hope this article helps. Thank you!

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