Best Humidors for the money for Awakening Hidden Flavors

Passionate about smoking cigars? Are you Looking for a way to keep your cigars from crumbling?

The answer to both of these questions lies in a premium quality humidor. 

Humidors are great not only for keeping cigars fresh and moist but best cigar humidors also awaken hidden flavors in the cigars and enhance the smoking experience. 

Sounds good, right? 

But won’t all this come for a huge price? Well, of course not, for we are here to talk about the best humidors for the money! We have some of the finest products listed below, along with a few other tips that will help you select the ideal cigar humidors. 

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Best Humidors for the Money to Keep Cigars from Crumbling

Octodor Large Black Piano Finish Glass Top Cedar Humidor

We are starting our list of best humidors for the money with Octodor Large. why so? let’s find out.

With This is an excellent unit by Case Elegance, and the best part is that this humidor is bigger than most available in the available. 

The case resembles a piano very closely and comes in a stylish black finish. It is made from high-quality cedarwood and has its corners cut, thereby giving an octagonal look and shape to this unit. 

Apart from its unique shape, this humidor comes with the signature magnetic lid popular amongst all Case Elegance units.

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Being the biggest sized case from the brand, the unit can hold up to 100 standard cigars, and the humidity inside the unit can be fully adjusted. Plus, it comes with a hygrometer placed in the front, which allows you to monitor the humidity and temperature. 

If you plan to purchase this unit, rest assured that it will not pop out from your desk or bar for its octagonal shape. The shape of the case and the finish of the sams adds to its good looks.


✅ Well built case with high-quality material
✅ The hinges are recessed, and the lid quality is high and fits nicely
✅ The digital hygrometer can be calibrated
✅ Clear instructions provided for setting up the unit


❌ The humidor solution provided with the unit is less
❌ Since the unit is big, it is heavy


Flauno Handcrafted Cedar Humidor Cigar Box

The humidor by Flauno uses a magnetic seal that is perfect for keeping the humidity intact. The glass top is sealed firmly and provides a clear view of the cigars inside. 

Made from 100 percent premium Spanish cedarwood, this humidor has a solid construction and is excellent for sealing air and keeping the cigars moist. Thus, making it one of the best humidors for the money.

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The hygrometer of this unit has been tested and calibrated to accurately monitor the humidity of the box. The best part is that the unit has been seasoned, and there is no need to buy an additional hygrometer. 

The unit also has an accessory drawer to keep the cutter and lighter. This keeps the countertop clutter-free.


✅ The unit is well constructed and gorgeous
✅ A well-built unit made with premium quality materials
✅ The digital hygrometer works on the point
✅ Ideal case for a small to medium collection


❌ The hygrometer reading flickers at times. The company is working to fix the issue.


Woodronic Handmade Cigar Humidor Cabinet

This case is ideal for those who prefer delicately crafted handmade humidors for their cigars. This unit is one of the suitable humidors for you if you are just starting with your collection. 

The total unit is completely made out of wood veneer and has a Bubinga finish. Additionally, there is an external hygrometer, cedar partitions, and a tightly secured seal to ensure a well regulated humid environment.

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The unit’s interior is made out of authentic cedar leather walls and dividers and has a felt-covered base. Owing to their beautiful and detailed craftsmanship and woodwork, Woodronic has become a popular brand amongst cigar enthusiasts.


✅ The glass window is easy to open and close. There is no need to open the humidor often to check on the cigars
✅ The case store 30-50 cigars at a time
✅ The unit has the ideal temperature and humidity level for keeping the cigars fresh
✅ The hinges are shock-absorbing; thus, the case does not bang shut


❌ The case does not have a lock for added security.


Audew Cigar Cooler Humidor

This is yet another large and commanding unit that can store up to 300 cigars. The unit is perfect to be placed in the study, library, or the man cave. 

Though the unit is for seasoned cigar smokers, you can install it if you want to try a blend of different varieties right when starting. 

But the hefty storage space is not all that is on offer from the Audew Cigar Cooler Humidor.

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The three selves installed in this are neatly laid out and can handle a growing cigar collection. The unit can maintain a consistent level of humidity through a closed-loop circulation system. 

Even the drawers and the shelves are designed to fit perfectly on the front edge of the cabinet. Plus, the integrated fan within the unit guarantees outstanding airflow and keeps the unit’s humidity level in control. On this level this surely deserves a place in the list of best humidors for the money.

You can also make use of moisture content to maintain the right humidity level in certain storage spots.


✅ Spanish cedar drawers and shelves included
✅ The unit includes a moisture container
✅ It has a capacity of 300 cigars
✅ Maintains great air circulation


❌ The cooler needs some work
❌ The temperature control feature has some snag, but the company is working to fix it
❌ The drawer of the unit is not very big


Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hygrometer

If you are a passionate cigar smoker, then you have surely heard about Case Elegance, the brand that manufactures sought-after humidors. This particular unit from this brand combines all the best things that a budget humidor must-have. 

The woodgrain exterior of the unit has a soft walnut color and comes in a great size. Plus, the hygrometer and the in-built humidification system keep the cigars moist and fresh.

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You can see your cigars lined up on the Spanish cedar trays through the glass lid. You need not open the case often lest it loses its moisture. A storage drawer holds the cutters, lighters, and other accessories required for a relaxed smoking experience. 

Coming to the lid of the case, it is impossible to pass anything through it. It’s airtight and thus holds on to the moisture level. 

The unit comes with the company’s humidifying gel and hydro sticks to maintain the box’s optimal moisture level making it one of the best humidors for the money.


✅ The unit comes with a digital hygrometer
✅ Ideal drawer for storing accessories
✅ The unit has a glass top, and the interior has a Spanish cedar lining


❌ The humidor requires frequent cleaning
❌ The readings are always not accurate
❌ The unit only comes with a seasoning liquid and a bamboo stick


Things to Consider Before Choosing Best Humidors for The Money:

Humidors are perfect for keeping your cigars fresh for years. Special parts are used in the humidors to regulate the unit’s temperature to preserve the freshness of the tobacco and its flavor. 

But all these will be true only if you select the right humidor. But how do you know it’s the ideal one for you? 

To that end, these following points must be considered before you purchase the best humidors for the money:

Ideal size:

This, of course, depends on the collection you have. If you are a newbie in smoking and have just a handful of cigars to store, it’s ideal for you to opt for a small cigar humidor. However, for storing many cigars, say 300 of them, you need a bigger case. 

Though bigger cases might initially cost a large sum, consider it an investment if you are increasing your collection. 

Humidification system:

Most of the cigar humidors these days come with an in-built humidification system or a hygrometer. This allows one to use the box almost as soon as it arrives. 

But to be on the safe side, look into the details of the humidification system before purchase. It’s not possible to guarantee that the humidification system is perfect. 

Though mostly these perform well, it might just backfire, and in that case, you have to invest in an additional hygrometer.

Spanish cedar lining:

No matter how exquisite the humidor exterior looks, it’s what inside that will determine its usefulness and will also make it best humidors for the money. 

Thus Spanish cedar wood is used most popularly as an inner lining of cigar cases. This cedar can be understood as a perfumed material that embodies many qualities and greatly benefits the cigars’ storage. 

Spanish cedar does not expand or contract with the temperature changes inside the case. For this, it is the ideal material to be used inside the case. 


Generally, long-lasting humidors have hinges made out of brass. There are different hinges used in the humidors, and the butterfly type is the most common one. But you can also opt for piano or quadrant hinges. 

In-built or separate accessories:

In this case, you can either opt for a unit that has a hygrometer and a thermometer, or you can buy one that h†as none of these. 

So far, you know that the hygrometer is important as it measures the humidity level while the thermometer measures the temperature. 

So the question is, will you buy a unit that comes with both of these, or would you buy them separately? 

It is advisable to spend something extra and buy a unit with all these in-built accessories since they are easier to work with and are generally of good quality.

Best Humidors for the money FAQs 

How long do cigars last in a humidor?

Cigars, if stored properly in a humidor, lasts for a long time. Since the cigars develop a refined and balanced taste during the aging process, passionate smokers should leave the cigars in a humidor for three months before they have their first smoke. There are some debates about wapping the cigars in a cellophane wrap. While some feel it can prove counterproductive, others have a different opinion.

How to check the accuracy of the hygrometer?

If you have a dial-type or analog hygrometer, it is almost useless. Thus stop using these if you want your cigars to age in an optimum environment. 

You can get digital hygrometers as they are very accurate, almost to +/-5-7% RH, which means 70 percent of the readings on display can be 65% to 75% in the actual humidity. During the purchase, the seller might tell you that the humidor is accurate by +/-5-7% RH, but that does not tell you the calibration of a particular unit. A 5 percent difference can impact your cigars significantly; thus, the hygrometer needs to be calibrated annually.

Should you wrap the cigars in cellophane?

It is okay to leave the cellophane on the cigars since the humidity inside the case will reach the cigars anyway. But if you do not want their cigars to age wrapped in something “plastic,” you can take the wrapper off.

Is there a difference between the guardian and the sentry system?

The guardian system digitally controls and shows the humidity level of the cabinet. This way, you can adjust the humidity level to whatever you want. On the other hand, the sentry system is accurate to 5 percent and has an analog humidity control along with an independent digitally operated hygrometer.

How to tell if a cigar is dry?

If you cannot get your fingers from bouncing back after giving two or three squeezes to the cigar, then in all probability, the cigar has dried out.


So, now that you have covered the best products, key points to consider before the purchase, and FAQs, you are all set to get best humidors for the money.

Don’t worry; you won’t go bankrupt while buying a great humidor. The list of the best pocket-friendly units above should serve you well.

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