5 Best Single Flame Torch Lighter Reviews and Buying Guide

Does the smell of tobacco fascinate you? Are you someone who is looking for the perfect lighter to ignite them easily?

If your answer is yes then a single flame torch lighter is the best solution for you.

Torch lighters are an essential device to light every smoker’s experience. Best Single flame torch lighters are portable and convenient enough to ignite tobacco products with ease.

Sounds perfect, right?

But, how to choose the best one from all the options available in the market? Well, that’s why we are here to help you out. We have shortlisted some of the best products with their unique features, pros, cons and some important tips. Hope this would guide you towards choosing the ideal product that would work best for you.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

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Best Single Flame Torch Lighter: Our Top Choice

 PIPITA Torch Lighter Windproof Single Flame Lighter

PIPATA brings to you an excellent torch lighter with a sturdy metal body. It is very easy and safe to use. The lighter has an anti-slip body that adds to its safety.

It has a big single flame design that aids in quick ignition. And you can even adjust the flame intensity. Moreover, it uses blue flame which is visible in the sun and hence helps you avoid getting your fingers burnt.

To use the lighter, first open its cover and press the button and the piezo. It ignites instantly. And once you move your thumb from the ignition switch, it stops.

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It has a universal refill valve which you can fill with butane flame as per your requirement. To refill it first drain all the existing fuel by turning the lighter upside down. Then use the long mouth butane to fill it with fuel using the refill valve. After refilling, wait for a few minutes before using it again.

The product can be used in the kitchen, during camping and hiking or to light a cigar or cigarette.

It comes packed in a fancy gift box so it can be a perfect gift for various occasions. Thus making it one of the best single flame torch lighters.


✅ It’s durable as its metal-built
✅ It has a versatile design
✅ Its big single flame aids quick ignition
✅ The flame intensity is adjustable
✅ It’s safe to use under the sun
✅ It’s potable
✅ It comes in multiple colours


❌ Because of its powerful flame, the gas runs out very fast.
❌ As it uses Butane fuel, you have to wait some time before it’s ready to use after you refill it.


Shark Satin Gunmetal Single Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

The best thing about this lighter is that it’s personalised. So, you can have your very own portable torch lighter with your monogram on it. The roman monogram engraved on its metal frame looks really beautiful and gives you the feel of a very special personal possession.

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Manufactured by Visol, this single flame torch lighter is very durable and long-lasting because of its solid metal body.


✅ It is easy to ignite
✅ The flame is wind-resistant
✅ The flame height can be adjusted
✅ Cardboard packaging makes it great for gifting


❌ It is slightly smaller in size than other lighters
❌ The flame height isn’t as high as expected


Scorch Torch Single Jet Flame Torch Cigarette Lighter

Scorch Torch is known for manufacturing reliable, high-quality lighters that are safe and durable.

It is also very easy to use. Just pill down the slider until it clicks and the lighter will ignite.

Its ergonomic grip design fits securely in one hand that comes handy for on-the-go use when you are out on camping trips.

The lighter produces a strong and powerful jet flame that can be adjusted to suit your needs. It’s perfect for lighting cigars and cigarettes.

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To refill it, first turn off the lighter. Then, press something sharp down the refill valve to release all the air. Set the lighter to the lowest level. Press the butane nozzle into the refill valve till the lighter is full. Don’t forget to wait for a few minutes before using it again.

What’s more the lighter comes with a full one-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

One small tip to use this lighter would be to fill it with premium butane fuel only and never over-fill it to avoid leakage or improper flame.


✅ It has a classy and elegant look
✅ It uses piezo ignition for greater convenience and safety
✅ Its robust design ensures long-lasting use
✅ Its ergonomic grip makes one-handed use easy
✅ Its compact and sleek design is great for on-the-go use


❌ You may have to push down the lever several times before the lighter ignites itself
❌ It cannot hold much fuel and hence runs out too fast
❌ Refilling the lighter can be a bit of a challenge


Windproof Single Refillable Scorch Torch Lighter with Stand

Brand Guevara’s single scorch torch lighters that come with a stand are quite inviting as well.

It has every quality of the afore-mentioned lighters like a sturdy metal body, strong powerful flame, adjustable flame height, and refillable butane fuel. Added to that, this lighter actually has an option for a stand to hold your cigar in place.

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What’s more, this single flame torch lighter is windproof. And hence, it’s greatly suitable for outside use even on windy days.

It also has a large flame base that gives you the advantage of a wider surface area allowing you to light objects of any size.

It can be used in the kitchen, during a BBQ or while you are out hiking or camping.


✅ It’s durable, being made of a sturdy metal body
✅ It has a strong powerful flame which is wind resistant
✅ The flame height can be adjusted according to need
✅ It can be refilled with butane fuel and hence is reusable
✅ Has a large fuel window showing the fuel level
✅ Fuel tank is huge, i.e., it has a large fuel capacity
✅ The top of the lighter acts as a cigar stand to hold your cigarette
✅ Comes packed in an elegant gift box


❌ It doesn’t come with a warranty
❌ The lighter is a little thicker than usual and hence a little heavy-weight
❌ It cannot stay lit for more than 15-20 seconds, as that makes the internal mechanism of the sparkler too hot and the lighter quits working


PROMISE Single Flame Windproof Butane Fuel Cigarette Lighter

PROMISE’s single flame windproof torch lighter would work perfectly for you if you are too much into look! The Brown Grain colour mimics a leathered texture that looks graceful just sitting on your study table. Even the elegant black colour would add an eminent taste to your personality as you walk out with it in your pocket.

It’s made of zinc alloy so obviously has a sturdy metal quality to support durability. Its special grinding metallic finish allows the lighter to comfortably fit in hand.

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It has a visible gas window that monitors the butane level all the time. Its powerful single jet flame can be adjusted easily as per requirement. Plus, its click-to-ignite function makes ignition quick and easy.

It’s refillable with butane fuel. But make sure you drain all the remaining fuel from the lighter and set the fuel height to minimum before refilling it. Be careful not to ignite it while lighting but wait for at least a few minutes before using it again.

It also comes with a build in cigar puncher, which is a unique quality of this device.


✅ Has an overtly elegant look
✅ Light and potable, so that it fits comfortably in your hand and you can carry it around easily in your pocket
✅ It’s durable with a sturdy metal body
✅ Refillable with butane fuel
✅ Comes with a visible gas window to monitor the butane level
✅ It has a simple click-to-ignite technology
✅ Has a unique build in cigar puncher


❌ It doesn’t light up if the regulator is put too high
❌ It doesn’t stay lit up for too long


Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Single Flame Torch Lighter

Single flame torch lighters are perfect for lighting up your cigars real quick. They are durable, refillable, compact and really easy to use.

However, you would be able to draw maximum advantage from your lighter only if you select the right one. But how do you know if it’s the best single flame torch lighter for you?  

To know the exact answer, there are a few important points which you need to consider before purchasing the best single flame torch lighter.

Here, have a look at the following points:


Ignition is the most important purpose of a torch lighter. So, you must choose a lighter that allows smooth ignition. Lighters with a simple on-off switch to ignite and extinguish fire instantly and with ease would be the perfect choice. 

Flame Adjustment 

The next thing to consider while buying a lighter is the flame adjustment. It is very important for you to have complete control over the flame intensity to ensure safety.

Safety Lock 

Safety comes before everything. So, a safety lock is a must in a torch lighter, especially for first time users. Make sure that the lighter has a perfect safety lock to prevent any accidental activation.

Burning Time

The burning time of a torch lighter is directly related to its efficiency. It depends on how much fuel the lighter can hold and how efficiently it can use the stored fuel. It can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the model. 

So, your choice of the right lighter depends on your preferred period of time for which you want to use it. If you wish to use it for a short time, choose the lighter that comes with shorter burning time. And if you are planning to buy a lighter that would last longer, then choose the one that has longer burning time for the best result.


Versatility is another important feature of a perfect lighter. Generally, when you buy an expensive lighter you would want it to serve more than just one purpose. It should not only help light your cigar but also be versatile enough to perform tasks like culinary applications, blazing, welding, etc. So, check if the lighter is multi-functional before purchasing it. 


Portability is the most important feature to look for while choosing the perfect single flame torch lighter. So, consider carefully the size, weight and portability so that it fits perfectly in your hand and you can comfortably carry it around in your pocket.


While buying something essential, durability is the factor that is the most sought after. With all the costs considered, you would definitely want to have a long-lasting lighter. The frame and design of a lighter are mostly responsible for its durability. So, look for a sturdy metal-built lighter to ensure its longevity.  


Look is important too. It’s the first thing that attracts the eyes. So, if you are considering thousand other things before purchasing, why not pay a little attention to the appearance as well. So, feel free to choose the lighter that has the best designs and appears the most elegant.

Reliable Brand

Last, but not the least, a reliable brand is something that would actually determine whether your ideal lighter has all the perfect features in it. All the above mentioned points would make sense once you choose the most reliable brand for your lighter. Consider the pricing, functions and guarantees offered by different brands before choosing the best one for you. And make sure you choose a trustworthy one.

Best Single Flame Torch Lighter FAQs 

What to do when the lighter sparks but does not ignite?

This can happen for multiple reasons. First, the lighter’s fuel tank might be empty. Consider refilling it. Second, the butane pressure might be set too low. Try setting it at a higher level. Third, the piezo spark mechanism may be too far away from the butane jet nozzles. Adjust it carefully by bending it closer towards the jet nozzle.

Can a butane torch lighter explode?

Butane is a highly flammable and pressurised gas. So, it is possible that it may explode if exposed to direct sunlight or prolonged heat. So, it is very important that you handle it with care and follow all the safety instructions while using a butane torch lighter.

How to get air out of a torch lighter?

To refill a lighter it is necessary that you first get all the air out it. To do that, use a sharp object to press down the butane valve on the lighter from where the flame comes out. Repeat the process twice to ensure perfection.

How to fix a clogged butane torch lighter?

Sometimes your butane lighter might get clogged. To fix it, first attach a can of compressed air to a plastic nozzle extension tube. Now press the plastic nozzle against the gas outlet valve of the lighter. Hold the plunger down for a few seconds. Then, move the tube back a few inches and blow the remaining residues from the lighter.

Why does the butane torch lighter make a hissing sound?

Sometimes you might find your butane lighter making a hissing sound. It can have several reasons. One, the fuel level may be low and you need to refill it. Two, the flame intensity may be too high. Try lowering it down a little. Still, if the sound persists, there is a slight chance that the lighter is leaking. You need to take immediate action in this case—either get it fixed or dispose it off—to avoid any dangerous situation.

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So, now that we have covered everything, from the list of best products to few key points to consider, to some important FAQs—you are all set to purchase your ideal lighter.

Take your time to think things through before purchasing the single flame torch lighter that would be just perfect for you.

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