5 Best Xikar lighter Reviews and Buying Guide

Hey, Xikar lover look at your lighter! Does it look old? Is it functioning well? Are you looking for the latest variety?

Cigar lovers need no introduction to the brand xikar. With its innovative smoking accessories, Xikar has attracted new and old customers. 

If you are such an old Xikar customer who is planning to buy a new variety then you have landed on the right page. Here is a list of the best cigar lighters, with strong windproof flame.

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Best Xikar lighter: A Definitive Guide

 Xikar Verano Flat Flame Cigar Lighter

This Elegant piece is made of metal and delivered in an attractive gift box. The sleek appearance with a weight of 5.4 ounces makes it easy to carry. This cigar has some unique features available in four attractive colors black, silver, bronze, and gunmetal. 

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The power of a double flame and the breadth of a triple-flame characterize this piece. The flame shapes out in a flat brush of fire, which ensures fuel efficiency. It lit up fast but rest assured, it will not scorch your cigar.

It gives a good touch up too! You might experience a rattling sound while carrying. This is a ball bearing that prevents ignition in an upside-down position. Imagine how well the safety features have been engineered! 


✅ Stylish and elegant
✅ Smooth trigger
✅ Rock-solid construction


❌ Absence of protective cover
❌ Some have experienced cracks that lead to the evaporation of the liquid. 
❌ Repairing services from Xikar is a paid one.


Xikar HP3 Inline Triple Flame Cigar Lighter

HP3 means high-performance triple jet flame. With a streamlined body and high performance level this product is a precision. An oversized fuel adjustment wheel located centrally at the base controls the flame height.

Check the butane level through the EZ-View red fuel window and refill it for steady service. Unlike the above piece, this one comes with a protective lid. This smart-looking lighter has a pull-down ignition feature. 

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 Xikar produces this model in four colors; yellow is the most preferred one. The honeycomb texture is not only a treat to the eyes but also facilitates gripping. Liquified petroleum gas is used as fuel and is backed by Xikar’s lifetime warranty. The item weighs 6.5 ounces.


✅ High performance triples jet flame.
✅ EZ- view red fuel window


❌ People have raised complaints about sell services.


Xikar Forte Jet Flame Lighter

Forte is a favorite range from Xikar. The reason behind such popularity is the versatile nature of the lighter. Engineered in the most updated way,fine ridges on the case gives a chic look. At the very fast sight, you will be fascinated by the hound’s-tooth outer pattern inspired from hot rod design, promises a longer shelf life.

This soft flame lighter will become your first choice when you discover the razor 7mm cigar punch. This inbuilt feature won’t let you miss a moment to puff your cigar! The single jet flame comes out great and clear.

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Ignite it with simple thumb action. Monitor the butane level through red hue fuel gauge. Those who prefer protective lid can go for this.easy to use and refill. Convenient punch is an added advantage. 


✅ Good fuel life
✅ Very sturdy


❌ The flame is a blur in daylight


Xikar High-Performance HP4 Diamond Quad Flame Cigar Lighter

Xikar has strived to produce high-performance lighters and has maintained consistency. This H4 lighter is available in four vibrant colors, orange, red, black, and dark grey. The quad flame classy looking lighter can satisfy your appetite for luxury. The most prominent feature is the four angled jet protected by a manual flip-flop lid. 

A 90-degree rotation facility makes it possible to light cigars of any size. Modern chassis will attract your eyes in no time. An oversized double EZ-view fuel window has a red indicator that alerts you of the butane level.

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The in-line fuel adjustment wheel gives the ease of adjusting the flame and lighting your cigar with conviction. This comfortable and stylish cigar torch is an ideal gift to any cigar lover.


✅ Stout
✅ Smooth trigger
✅ Comfortable feel


❌ 8 ounces means weighty


Xikar Tactical 1 Single Jet Flame Lighter

The single jet 10mm flame comes in the precision of this model. Like other Xikar lighters, it is also engineered for high-quality performance. The removable cap serves room for a cigar and adds to the tactical look. With a weight of 6.8 ounces, the lighter balances well on its base. An oversized adjustment wheel functions well to control the ignition. 

With a weight of 6.8 ounces, the lighter balances on its base. An oversized adjustment wheel functions well to control the ignition. The color combination of this cigar torch is breathtaking.

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Black and gunmetal are two solid colors polished on a “rhino-like” finish. The rest two choices are a blend of tan and black and gunmetal and black. Black lovers have a wide choice from this range of products. The quality and service of the product realize value for money. 


✅ Tough with great features
✅ Best for touch-ups
✅ Performs well with high altitude butane


❌ The flip-flop cap is not an automatic one.
❌ Some have faced the problem of low-quality flame.


Things to consider while buying Best Xikar lighter

When you are a cigar lover but have no clue how to buy a lighter which will satisfy your need you can go through the following points. These are some basic tips that can save you from getting ripped!

Flame type

Cigar and cigarettes are not the same. Your choice of lighter depends on the type of smoker you are. A regular lighter is not a perfect match for a cigar. A gush of strong heat can light up a cigar. 

Modern cigar lighters have a double, triple and quadruple set of flames. The advantage of choosing a single flame over the other flames is the longevity of the fuel. Those lighters are pocket friendly too! Multiple flame lighters are more windproof. Xikar has crossed a long way to manufacture such models. 

Size and weight

Size and weight are great factors when you are spending on your favorite lighter. Some prefer portable, and some fall for the tabletop. The body size is directly proportional to the butane content. Where and how often you smoke will determine the size and weight of your lighter.

For those who are frequent smokers, buying a lightweight portable yet stout piece is perfect. A rectangular or cylindrical shaped lighter will slip into your skinny jeans. 

Those who recline on a chair and puff a tabletop lighter are a big yes. Chic corporates often adorn their desks with personalized tabletop lighters. Some use it as a status symbol too! Xikar geniuses have created some impressive tabletop lighters. They have also launched sleek looking, and pocket fit lighters.

If you are a frequent traveler, spend some money buying a container approved by the Department Of Transportation.

Ignition type

The two broad categories of ignition are flint and piezo. Flint has become pretty old-fashioned in the modern era. This is a stone that ignites a spark when brushed against a metal. The flame that lit up is a combination of that spark and butane. 

This type of ignition mainly depends on external wind and moisture. Coming to the piezo starter, this works on the principle of piezoelectricity. A quartz crystal is placed to produce a spark that travels through a wire to reach the ignition area where butane is tanked. Xikar is a master in using this form of ignition. Most other reliable brands instill this ignition.


Since purchasing power is a personal matter, no one can exactly tell you which one to go for. But in general portable lighters are less expensive than the tabletop. Butane is usually cheap, but refilling depends on fuel consumption or cigar usage.


A great flame can make a cigar lighter a versatile item. A powerful jet flame can light a cigar and name alike. A reliable ignition method and wheel to regulate flame can meet your needs from the kitchen to the campsite. 

Lifetime warranty

When you are ready to buy an expensive product from a reputed company, read their terms and conditions of warranty or after sell service. Before buying any products, check the conditions related to replacements. Good company support establishes faith in a product before investing a penny. 

Gift item

Some smokers will love to get a cool cigar lighter as a gift item. Check out those that come with a gift box and good packaging when buying it for gift purposes.

Refill method

Lighters do not come with a lifetime fuel facility. Though butane is not much dear, longer shelf life brings satisfaction. This also depends on the performance of the lighter. Read reviews of cracks and leakage. The spilling of butane can be deadly. The most convenient are those that come with butane cans. No need to refill. Just bring such cans and press them down in the lighter. That’s the safest set for novice and old smokers. 

Fuel indicator

Your mood saver! Imagine a moment you are ready with your favorite cigar brand and toasting it, but you encounter an empty lighter. How distasteful an experience! 

A fuel indicator can save your moment. Fill it before it shuts completely. 


Some personal taste remains unaltered even with quality and performance. People even become superstitious while choosing a cigar color. Cigar enthusiasts keep a good collection of the latest and upgraded lighter set. Black, silver, and gunmetal are the three old and classy colors dominating smoking accessories for ages. Vibrant shades of orange and yellow or a blend of tan and grey are gaining popularity. Go with what you like!

Best Xikar lighter FAQs

Which is the most reliable lighter?

When it comes to reliability, the light that comes with a quartz starter and runs on butane is the most trustworthy. Added to it, a fuel indicator keeps you informed about the butane level.

How does a lighter ruin a cigar?

Improper power of flame can certainly ruin a cigar. A cigar cutter is used to cut a cigar, but this can go wrong too! Now when the tobacco catches flame, the cigar starts burning unevenly, ruining your taste.

What is high-quality butane?

A straight answer to this question is Profine. The profile comes in the list as the highest quality butane as it burns cleaner and hotter than regular butane. This works better at higher altitudes.

Are there chances of Zippo leakage?

Zippo lighter stores fuel in a cotton swab that can ooze out easily. There are no such risks involved in butane usage.

How does a cigar lighter different from a regular lighter?

Many points differentiate cigar lighter and regular lighter. A cigar lighter is a quality lighter with a powerful flame and inbuilt butane storage. Designed for passionate cigar smokers, a cigar lighter features a unique quartz starter for uniform ignition. 

Good for touch-ups too. Whereas the regular cigar lighters like Zippo and Bic are multitaskers, they are not suitable for lighting a cigar. Their usage is limited to a cigarette and or some homely needs. A low amount of flame fails to burn the cigar evenly. 

This article is mainly for those who are looking for good quality cigar lighter, preferably from the renowned brand Xikar. Xikar is dedicatedly standing by the cigar enthusiasts by delivering back to back high performing lighters. 

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