How To Use A Cigar Cutter?


The art of cutting a cigar is as essential as the art of storing it.  At first, cutting a cigar might seem a daunting process. However, if you choose the appropriate cutter and learn the right way, you will be an expert at it before you know it.  Without wasting a further moment, let’s jump … Read more

10 Things Cigar Smokers Should Never Do

Things Cigar Smokers Should Never Do

“Don’t do anything half-halfheartedly, even if it is a wicked and self-destructive avocation like smoking cigars” Curtis LeMay. The word cigar is originally derived from the Mayan Sikar that is ‘to smoke rolled tobacco.’ In 1400, Columbus first discovered tobacco in Cuban. By 1600, Cigar was started being produced commercially. Then Cuban’s Cigar Industry finally … Read more

Can You Cut A Cigar In Half?

Can You Cut a Cigar In half

Can You Cut A Cigar In Half? Most Cigar smokers smoke all the way down and then throw the remaining cigar; since this is not the most affordable option, many choose to split or cut the cigar in half and preserve the other half for future use other cigar smokers prefer to cut their cigars … Read more

Do you inhale cigars? – The Final Answer

Do you inhale cigars

Inhaling cigars is unpleasant, and it increases the health hazards connected with them. Individuals absorb nicotine from a cigar through the mucous membranes of the mouth, not the lungs, unlike cigarettes.  This is in striking contrast to cigarettes, where research specified that without inhaling the cigarette, barely any nicotine was absorbed. The alkaline composition of … Read more