Can You Bring Weed On A Plane?

Can You Bring Weed On A Plane? This is one of the frequently asked questions on the web.

From the time when weed was legalized for medical and recreational use, the question has been raised whether weed can be carried in planes.  Will it cause any trouble with the airport authorities? We all know how strict the rules are over there. And when the whole thing comes to the violation of their rules and regulations, it might cost anyone dearly. 

After a lot of research and experiments over the past few years, at last, weed is now declared to be legal in many states and countries all across the world. Of course, there are some specific instructions that should be followed while carrying such substances at the airport.

In this article, we will try to discuss and clear all the doubts you have regarding traveling with weeds on a plane.

What is the General Law for Carrying weed? – Can You Bring Weed On A Plane?

Certain countries like Massachusetts have declared that it is perfectly legal for the individual over 21 years to carry weed in the plane. A recent report published in the Boston Globe states that there are no regulations at the Logan International Airport for carrying weeds in the airport property as well. 

The Federal Government still now regards weed as illegal, hence The Transportation Security Administration will not allow anyone to board with weed on a plane, especially one who is under 21. 

As long as the traveler is at least 21 and if they are carrying not a huge amount of weed then the cops may let them go! There is no report of cops seizing the weeds at the airport till now.

Where is weed Legal?

The two largest countries that allow carrying weed on planes are Canada and the US. After that 11  other states have followed the same policy. In January 2020, weed was declared medically legal in 33 states across the country along with Washington DC. 

There are several laws that the United States imposed on the airlines and they are ever-changing and complicated to follow. In different states of the US, they follow varied rules and regulations.  For example, in California, a person whose age is 21 can carry an ounce of weed that is 8 grams in a concentrated form. Other states like Illinois have limited it to a smaller amount like 5 grams. Individuals should be aware of the laws and regulations of each state before carrying weeds on a plane.

Airports like the Los Angeles International Airport allows visitors to take about 1 ounce of a concentrated form of weed. But when you board the train the policy no longer is applicable as it falls under the rules of the Federal Aviation Administration. 

Let’s say you are traveling from California to a specific place where weed is actually illegal, then bringing such substances will be considered illegal.

The Transportation Security Administration is not after your Weeds. But what if they find it?

When the subject comes to weed, the Transportation Security Administration has declared it somewhat illegal in various parts. However, they generally do not go looking out for it. 

In an article of 2019, the TSA has declared that they do not look for weed but in case they find anything, it will be treated the same way that any illicit substance is done. This also varies from state to state.

“TSA security officers do not search for weed or other illegal drugs, but if any illegal substance is discovered during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.”- TSA says.

In cannabis-legal states, if any adult travels with weed exceeding the limited amount then they will be charged with certain fines. On the other side the non-legal states it is much risky to carry such things as they may impose a drug charge upon the traveler.

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What Would a Medical Weed Patient Do?

Unfortunately even carrying medical weed is also considered a violation within some states whereas some others allow it. Patients with medical weed cards will be able to get privileges while traveling to other states

They have also to apply for a similar card to the other place also where they are visiting. Name of some states that offer medical card reciprocity are:

●     Alaska

●     Arkansas

●     California

●     Hawaii

●     Massachusetts

●     Michigan

●     Oklahoma

●     Pennsylvania

●     Washington

●     Washington DC

Taking a Trip with Weed Overseas?

Always be extra cautious while flying with weeds abroad. We understand you need your best stuff with you to enhance your enjoyment during the trip. However, make sure you are keeping the rules and regulations in mind. 

It is recommended not to take weed in a carry bag or checked bags if the cannabis laws of that country do not match with yours. In some nations like Dubai, it may become a serious issue by bringing weeds in place.

Still, you want to carry? Then, you have to be very sneaky and do it at your own risk.

Things that You Always have to Remember While Travelling in-plane with Weed

● Always pack your weed in your carry baggage

● Recommended never to pack in checked bags

● Always wrap it well in a smell proof bag in case the smell is  too loud

● Avoid packing weed with the forbidden items as it may not pass through X-rays

● Smoking on a plane is strictly prohibited

The Verdict

Look, it may seem a much simpler, and hassle-free process to fly with weeds on a plane. But it’s always recommended to do good research before packing your bag.  Weed laws around the world vary immensely, and getting caught in a country where it is illegal can cost you a lot. You might end up in jail.

There’s another thing you can do, however! Call the airline’s authorities before flying and ask for advice. Mention that you’ll only be carrying the limited amount authorized by the law. If they agree, then at least you can travel without any worries of getting caught. But if they don’t, you have to leave your precious weed at home. There’s no choice!

Travel safe and stay high!

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