Can You Cut A Cigar In Half?

Can You Cut A Cigar In Half? Most Cigar smokers smoke all the way down and then throw the remaining cigar; since this is not the most affordable option, many choose to split or cut the cigar in half and preserve the other half for future use other cigar smokers prefer to cut their cigars in half to share with others.

Is it good to cut a cigar in half?

I believe that cutting a cigar in half affects the taste and complexity of the cigar, while some believe there is no noticeable change. It truly is a question of your personal preference or tastes whether you think you still get a decent smoke by cutting half.

Premium Cigars are not mixed evenly or equally. Tobacco is different at one end of the cigar than at the other one. To make a smoking experience interesting from beginning to end, the cigar maker adds various tobacco in several areas of a cigar. Furthermore, cutting in the center is a way to end up unwrapping the leaf wrap of the cigar.

How to cut a cigar in half?

The goal is to cut equally without harming the structure.

It is not recommended to cut a cigar in half with a knife or to bite it. You should always use a good-quality cigar cutter to prevent any kind of damage. 

Everyone makes mistakes, even professionals, but there’s nothing more frustrating than cutting a cigar and seeing it rip in front of your eyes.

The following are the most often used tools:

1. single blade guillotine

2. double blade guillotine

3. cigar scissors

4. cigar punch

Steps to Follow to Cut a Cigar in Half

1. Hold the cigar tightly

2. Choose a cutting spot in the center of the cigar.

3. Mark the cutting area with the guillotine or cigar scissors.

4. Slowly bring the blade up to the cigar.

5. Close the blade in a single forceful movement.

6. Brush the sliced area lightly to eliminate dust from both cigar pieces.

Advantages of Cutting Cigar in Half

Perfect for on the go

If you do not have sufficient time to smoke the whole cigar at once, you can cut the cigar in half so that you can smoke half the cigar and save half the cigar for future use.

If you are in a hurry to attend the meeting but still want to smoke a cigar, you can just cut it in half and enjoy the cigar on the go.

Save money

As smoking half a cigar and disposing of the rest is not an affordable and good option, it is better to cut the cigar in half and save the other half. It will cut the cost of buying another cigar for later use.

Disadvantages of Cutting Cigar in Half

Risk of damaging the cigar

Cutting a cigar in half would most certainly damage structure as well as damaging the wrapper’s strength of the cigar, leading it to unfold. The length of the cigar is also determined by its intensity.

The middle part of a cigar may also be the strongest part of the whole cigar. So instead of a steady increase in flavour intensity, you will inhale the most powerful section of the cigar in the starting and maybe get overwhelmed pretty fast.

The main issue is that the cigar will most certainly break, even if you use a very sharp cutter.

Because the cap is intended to keep the cigar in place as you smoke, cutting it farther down means the cigar will break apart.

You may correct this using corn starch or cigar glue, but you must be cautious that anything you use does not harm the cigar.

Use no substances that will affect the draw or the rate at which the cigar will burn.

Change in flavor

Cutting the cigar in two parts will cause the cigar to be less flavorful than the whole long cigar

because cutting the cigar into two pieces will cause the tobacco to be less tight than the original condition of the cigar, resulting in a loss of flavor in the cigar.

Cigars dry up very fast, and if you use them after 24 hours of cutting them in half, they will stink and taste awful.

Can you Save a Half Smoked Cigar?

Yes, provided the wrapper hasn’t broken, and the cigar hasn’t turned so dry that all the oils from the tobaccos have evaporated, it may be saved and reused.

Putting it in a cigar case is a terrible idea unless you’re in love with the burnt, smokey smell from half-smoked cigars after you stopped smoking.

Attempting to humidify a half-smoked cigar isn’t worth it until you can put it in a ziplock bag with a humidity pouch.

Trim the end of the half-smoked cigar if you don’t want the initial puff to be unpleasant as you relight it. In any event, it will not be as pleasant as a new cigar.

If you wish to save a cigar for later use, I suggest this method. 

Allow it to remove the smell of burnt cigar itself spontaneously. Never mash a cigar to get rid of a bad smell. Allow it to rest for a few minutes before keeping in case. 

After the cigar has cooled, gently blow through it to push out any stale air that may have been trapped within. Inhale a 3-second burst of air and exhale it.

Finally, tap all the ash off the cigar and carefully flake off any leftover ash and burnt leaf with a pipe tool, a tiny nail, or other small metal items.

At this time, your cigar will be as near to “preserved” as it will ever be, but it will never be as wonderful as it was before you lit it. That is why it is just not worth it for many individuals. I’d instead toss it out and start over with a new cigar than attempt to smoke the dry remains of yesterday’s cigar.

If it’s a supply issue, you don’t have another cigar but don’t want a cigar to cut, buy up a bit more next time. Always have more than one cigar. Similarly, if you often run out of time to smoke your cigarettes, purchase smaller cigars to avoid having leftovers.

You should never keep a preserved cigar in your usual cigar case. The burnt smell of cigars will infiltrate your other cigars and create a smelly mess in your cigar case.


Cutting the cigar in half creates many difficulties, so if you want to smoke only a little, try to buy small premium cigars or smoke till you can. After that, dispose of the cigar and buy a brand new cigar next time.

If you don’t want to buy a new cigar, follow the above-given strategies to cut a cigar in half or save a half-smokes cigar.

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