CIGARISM Brown Alligator Pattern Humidor Review

CIGARISM Brown Alligator Pattern Humidor Review: At a Glance

The CIGARISM brown alligator pattern humidor is the ideal cigar case that keeps cigars moisturized and fresh. The build and made of the product keep the aroma of the cigars intact, even during traveling. The case is ideal for those who not only wish to protect their cigars from getting damp and damaged but also keep them fresh and humidified for their travel time. This product is one of our most recommended cigar humidors.

The case is made out of premium quality split cow leather and Spanish cedar that has been used both in its inlay and the outer surface. The craftsmanship of the product is top-notch and is well-made.

The case can accommodate six cigars of different sizes and can keep them moisturized for a long period of time.

[amazon box=”B07K1XSV71″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]Pros:
Hold up to 6 cigars
✅ Has a built-in humidifier and dropper to deliver distilled water
❌ Sometimes over humidification can be an issue

If you are scooting through to find the right cigar cases, then you already know that cigars are in no way similar to cigarettes. While storing the latter is not a big problem, preserving the aroma of cigars along with its freshness and moisture surely becomes a challenge. 

This issue heightens when one is traveling. There is no point in having a dry, almost tasteless cigar, right? It kills the experience! If you have faced a similar situation, then you are in need of a cigar humidor case. As the name suggests, cigar humidor keeps cigars fresh and moisturized for over 3 months, and now you can experience the same freshness of the cigars by putting them in the CIGARISM brown alligator pattern humidor. 

In this article, we will look at some of the best features of this particular cigar case. So let’s begin.

CIGARISM Brown Alligator Pattern Humidor Review: Who should purchase? 

If you have faced issues with damp cigars before, then get a suitable case, especially if traveling is in your cards. However, the task of the cigar case is not only to protect your cigars from damage or to dry out, but it must also showcase a style statement. To that end, getting an impressionable alligator pattern embossed leather case is perfect.

CIGARISM Brown Alligator Pattern Humidor Overview

The CIGARISM Brown Alligator Pattern Humidor is made out of high-quality split cow leather and has a very stylish brown alligator pattern embossing. It’s not only high-end, but it comes with great craftsmanship, which enhances the product further. 

The case can fit around 6 cigars of different sizes, which makes the product ideal for carrying to parties and meetings and share the smoking experience with friends and colleagues. Additionally, the humidifier in the case retains the ideal level of humidity for every cigar.

  • Made out of Spanish Cedar leather
  • Compact for travel
  • Alligator embossed design
  • Holds up to 6 cigars
  • Keeps away cigar beetles and pinhead-sized pests
  • Ideal for maintaining the humidity of cigars

CIGARISM Brown Alligator Pattern Humidor Advantages and Disadvantages

As known, CIGARISM is quote a popular brand that has a record of delivering premium quality, uniquely crafted cases made from high-quality material. 

The CIGARISM brown alligator pattern humidor is no different in this regard made out of Spanish cedar and leather that can hold up to 6 cigars. All, in all, if keeping the cigars fresh is the motive, this case is best suited to that end. Not only is the material in the case supreme, but the alligator embossed design makes it all the more attractive. Style and quality go hand in hand for this case!


  • Perfect design, craftsmanship
  • Has a Spanish cedar inlay and exterior on the case
  • Hold up to 6 cigars
  • Has a built-in humidifier and dropper to deliver distilled water
  • Comes with intricate design on the lighter and cutter
  • Allows addition of longer sticks to the side
  • A very durable case
  • A beautiful and functional case


  • Imitation of popular brands
  • Does not hold cigars from all brands and sizes
  • Color might be a little more on the red side than brown
  • Over humidification can be an issue
  • Is a tab bit pricy
  • The product is not very compact

CIGARISM Brown Alligator Pattern Humidor Review

Maintains Humidity:

The best quality leather of the case maintains the perfect humidity level of the cigars, especially when out on a long trip. With this case around, there is no need to worry about the deteriorating quality of the cigars, since the case is designed to keep the humidity level of the cigar pitch-perfect. Additionally, the make of the case resists the growth of pinhead pests and beetles on the cigar.

The metal zipper: 

A leather cigar case is almost incomplete without a sturdy well made, metal zipper to go with it. CIGARISM does not disappoint its customers to that end. The zipper on the case is of premium quality and is golden in color. The look and the make of the zipper are perfectly suited to the brown leather finish of the case and add to its retro look. Though the zipper is not smooth to touch, it is very stable. The placement of the upper is such so that the cigars don’t get stuck while opening and closing the case.

Look and design: 

The feel and comfort of the CIGARISM cigar case humidor is very comfortable coupled with high-end craftsmanship and beautiful design. Top-notch quality split cow leather has been used to make this product, and the brown alligator pattern embossing on it takes the look of the case to the next level. 


The case comes with one siphon and one humidifier that makes the case function as a humidor. The little humidor comes with a dropper, which helps in delivering a small amount of distilled water to the cigars, thereby keeping it from drying and fresh. The humidor is highly durable and is ideal for traveling purposes. 

Final Verdict

This is one of the best cigar cases to buy since it offers everything that an ideal cigar case should have. Not only does this case keep the cigars very fresh, but it also looks super classy and sophisticated. Traveling with the case is not a hassle as it’s quite travel friendly, and the humidifier does not malfunction during long journeys. Overall the case is ideal for those who want to keep it stylish and classy. 

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