DIY Humidor – How to Make Cigar Humidor Of Your Own

As a cigar smoker, it is so important to have a place to store them safely so that they remain fresh, ready to smoke, and most importantly, are not wasted at all. The chances are that you come across amazing cigars and wish to buy them in bulk, but you do not have an place for storing cigars. What is next? Should I drop them for buying some other time or should I go for a Humidor and store them. But here is another option DIY Humidor.

A considerable amount of money goes waste if I solely try and stick to buying an amazing humidor. But, over the years, it is better to turn to the trending DIY’s and build one for me. The expenses for the same will be less and they add an amazing level of creativity too. 

If you are curious about making one for yourself, here you go. 

Components for a DIY Humidor –

The foremost thing that you need is plastic and an airtight container. It is beneficial if you buy the one which must pull out trays as well. Make sure that you are opting for a DIY cigar humidor for storing cigars, whose width matches the width of your cigar. Be a little careful to choose the best option. 

Invest in some nice smelling Spanish cedars. For those of you who do not know, cedar is an absorbent that reduces the risk of any moisture building. Your cigar will remain fresh, and well, the flavor will also stay intact. Also, you can make DIY cigar humidors out of the chips, skewers, or any other kinds of leftovers from your previous boxes for storing cigar. 

The next thing you should be buying for making a humidor yourself is a humidity controller and Cigar Hygrometer. This is something that will help you to normalize the environment around you in terms of tobacco and helps to keep the humidity level to a maximum of 1%. 

Now, this is an easy thing to guess and is interestingly the most important one – Cigar! Opt for the best DIY cigar Humidor as per your taste and preference. 

DIY HumidorTypes of Humidors, How to Make and Assemble 

As interesting as it may sound, a DIY cigar humidor of perfect consistency. However, it might be vague for many people out there. Making a humidor yourself can be as easy as you want it to be and as complex as you tend to make it. It all depends on what type of humidor you are willing to make. So, here are quite a few options and their preparation tips for you. 

Tupperdors – If you are a lazy shack but still want to make a humidor, Tupperdors is one of the easiest and the to-go options for you. You might have guessed it by now. Use simple Tupperware boxes for storing cigars. Only if your mommy/wife is fine with using her precious boxes for storing cigars. You can get your hands on a suitable box in any store or any online shopping website. However, some things that we need to care about are:

  • Be selective about choosing the right Tupperware.
  • Buy cedar as they ensure correct conditions for storing cigar.

Cooliders -As the name suggests, this is a combination of 2 words – ‘cooler’ and ‘humidor’. Wondering why? Let me do the honors. 

These are the traditional beer coolers that are often converted as cooliders and used for storing cigar. If you are up with it, opt for one. But make sure that this is an airtight container as any quantity of humidity or air can spoil your cigar. 

Here is a piece of advice for you. Do not confuse this with a cigar cooler. That is an entirely different process. People who have a wide collection of cigars can opt for cooliders very well. 

Wineadors -Now, this has something to do with the wine coolers as we convert them to form Wineadors. For this, you essentially need a mini-fridge that has the feature of temperature control. During the early years, this was an ideal one when it came to storing cigars. But, with time. Many better things have taken up the market.

The wineadors need an ideal environment to get operational and thus, adjust accordingly. Many people already have these, and if you want to buy them, you can purchase a second-hand wine cooler and convert it into a cigar humidor. 

Antique cabinets -All those cigar lovers who have a thing for carpentry as well as making use of the old and wooden furniture, antique cabinets are a thing for you. This conversion requires you to be well-versed with carpentry. In the end, you need to make sure that your furniture does not allow any air, moisture, or humidity and is well-fitted along with a proper lining. However, this might be a slightly expensive DIY Cigar Humidor. But the result is more breath-taking and worth all the effort for sure. 

Make sure that you are placing the correct size of the cedar and in the correct way. Also, after placing your cigars in the humidors, carefully place them in a dark and cold place. This will not deteriorate the quality of stored cigars for a longer period of duration. 

 What is the need for DIY Humidor?

There are many reasons due to which any person would want to opt for DIY Humidor. Here are a few buyable reasons. 

Budget -A DIY cigar humidor is very cost-effective in comparison to the ones available in the market. However, this depends on the kind of humidor that is in your mind for making. A Tupperware humidor is the least expensive; however, if you want to make one with woods, it might cost you a few bucks. As you just do not invest your money in a container but need different accessories to fit the need as well. However, anything done by self is much cheaper than what all is available in the market. 

Storage – The humidors available in the market do not often adapt to the needs of an individual fully. Sometimes, the humidors available in the market also do not work well with the number of cigars you want to store. Hence, people opt for making the humidors themselves. The shape, sizes, accessories, and everything else are well customized as per personal needs and requirements. You can make a cigar humidor or a cigar cabinet, whatever serves your need the most. 

Personalization –Instead of buying an expensive cigar humidor or cabinet, you can give it a tinge of your creativity and personalization. You need to make good decisions and thus invest in pieces of equipment that are durable in the long term. The result is more than satisfying, as well as unique and durable. 


With a cigar humidor made from sheer effort and personalization, you are sure to store your cigars for better and for a long period. Whenever you feel like lightening a cigar, reach out to your self-made humidor, take the cigar out and close the lid safely once again. Sit back and enjoy! Hope you got all the information about DIY Humidor.

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