How to Rehydrate Cigars? – No One Saying This

Cigars can get dry for a variety of factors. The most prevalent factor is a lack of a humidor or a lack of care for the humidor you have. It happens to everyone now and then. You leave on holiday or are simply too busy to remember to refill the humidifying unit in your humidor for a long period. As the weather becomes colder, operating the heat inside your home can create a drier environment. This can affect the humidity levels in your humidor.

The goal of the re-humidification process is to progressively increase the moisture content of the cigar. It might be difficult to save a cigar once the tobacco has dried up. However, there are a few ways you can save a dry cigar. It just takes simple tools and just a little patience. Keep the cigars anyplace where there is a lot of ambient humidity in the air.

We should leave the lid of the box open. Moisture will enter the box more easily because of this. As a result, moisture can get to the tobacco inside the cigars. Allow the cigars to sit in the humidor for a few weeks to a month. Try to ensure the cigars will not fall over, get wet, or be subjected to excessive heat or cold.


Using a radio frequency, the microwave vibrates the water molecule. The microwave offers the technical advantage of simultaneously heating the entire cigar. It heats not only the outside but also the inside. Microwave the cigar for 10 seconds after cutting the end off. 

Then take the cigar out and blow at the end to get the steam out of the cigar. If you do that in front of a light, you can truly see the steam coming out of the end. Microwave the cigar for a few seconds before blowing it out again. By the third time, there’s very little to no steam coming out. Allow for a half-hour cooling period before smoking.


Keep your cigars secure in a Boveda Humidor Bag while you’re on the run. The bag is more slender than a travel humidor and easily fits into a backpack. A humidor bag is sealed, unlike a food storage bag. As a result, you can preserve your quality cigars from the inescapable humidity variations that are so typical when touring and so detrimental to them.

For a month, place a Boveda 69 percent in a plastic jar with your dry cigars. Cigars shed moisture four times as quickly as they can properly gain it. When you use Boveda to keep your cigars at a safe, constant level of ideal humidity, you reduce the risk of the wrapper shattering as the filler absorbs humidity and swells. 

Many high-end brands, like Arturo Fuente and Rocky Patel, include a Boveda 69 percent RH sachet inside each box to safeguard their cigars during transportation. They ensure that the cigars are kept at perfect humidity levels until they reach your home humidor. Thanks to Boveda’s proprietary 2-way humidity control.


Most people are eager to fill their new humidor with their cigar collection as soon as they receive it. You will damage your cigars if you do not first re-humidify the wood in your humidor. The wood is fire-processed Spanish Cedar that has not yet reached its optimum moisture content of 65 percent. 

It will suffocate your cigars with dampness. This is not a good situation. To address this issue, all humidors must be re-humidified before being used for the first time. Follow these simple steps to break in your humidor:

1. In the bottom of the humidor, place a shot glass loaded with distilled water or our humidification solution.

2. Fill your humidifier with water and place it within the humidor.

3. Within the humidor, put your calibrated hygrometer.

4. Put the lid back on.

5. Using the hygrometer, check the humidity daily. The wood has been sufficiently stabilized when it reaches the c.65 percent range. Note: Do not use water to clean the interior of your humidor. The timber will be ruined as a result of this.


Don’t have a humidor for your cigars? You can still revive your cigars if they’ve dried out. All you’ll need are two ziplock bags of different sizes, a sponge, and distilled water.

  1. With a paperclip, poke a few tiny holes in the smaller ziplock bag.2.
  2. In the smaller ziplock bag, place the dry cigars.
  3. Using distilled water, moisten a clean sponge. Remove any extra water from the sponge by squeezing it.
  4. Put the sponge in the bigger ziplock bag’s base.
  5. Lay the cigars in the smaller ziplock bag inside the bigger ziplock bag.
  6. Before closing the ziplock bag, squeeze out as much air as possible.
  7. Flip the cigars from side to side once a day so that the cigar nearest to the sponge is different each day.
  8. Check the sponge once a day to see if it is still moist. If the sponge has lost its wetness, perform steps 2–6.

Because the holes do not have to be big, we suggest using a paper clip. A wet sponge will drench the entire bag, causing the dry cigars to shock. If the cigars become moist, they should be discarded. 

Re-humidification is possible as long as there are no breaks or splits in the wrapper and the cigar has not fully lost its essential oils. Rehydrating cigars can be done with or without a humidor.

FAQs on how to rehydrate cigars

1. How do you use a Boveda bag?

Simply tear open the plastic wrapping on the outside of the pack to use Boveda. Then take away the Boveda. Make sure you don’t cut or tear the Boveda itself. It is unnecessary to activate Boveda. To protect your cigar, Boveda will work automatically, using its proprietary 2-way humidity management.

2. Can you revive a dry cigar?

Yes, it is possible to revive a dry cigar. As long as the wrapping is intact with no crack on it, it is possible to rehydrate your cigar. Once the wrapper is cracked, the cigar loses its essential natural oils and can no longer serve its purpose. However, it is advisable to check your cigars on time and ensure to humidify them whenever necessary.

3. How long does it take to rehydrate dried-out cigars?

Re-humidifying a cigar takes anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on how broad the ring gauge is and how dry the cigar was when you began. It takes this long because humidifying the wrapper is just not enough; you also need to give the wetness time to reach the filler’s interior leaves.

4. Can you smoke a dry cigar?

Dry cigars have a bitter taste, burn hot, and are unappealing. They are prone to flaking away or unraveling. This is because they burn at a faster rate if they don’t get enough humidity. The flavor, construction, and performance of a cigar are all jeopardized when it dries out. You can increase the chances of a dry cigar burning evenly by rehydrating it.

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