How to Save a Cigar for Later Use: Best Guide for 2021

Many of us ponder on how to save a cigar for later use when you cannot finish it at a time. Thinking that it would become rotten after half use, many of you throw it away.

Hold on! There is always a way of preserving it. You need to know the right process of preserving; then, you can preserve almost anything. 

A cigar takes a long time to be burnt completely. Often you feel like, this is it, your marginal utility has become zero. So, you need to stop smoking it right there.

Here in this article, we will suggest to you the right preservation process for your cigar. So, you don’t need to take a headache thinking of how you can save your cigar for later usage.

Is It Better to Save Your Half-smoked Cigar in Your Humidor? 

We all know that a humidor is best when it comes to keeping your cigar moist, but is it good for a half-burnt cigar? The relative humidity is essential for keeping your cigar well and for extending its life-shell. 

They are quite expensive too. But how does the price matter when it gives you the desired service – right? 

However, in the case of a half-burnt cigar, the scenario is a little different. While a humidor is best for a whole new cigar, it is not a good option at all for a used cigar. If you put a half-smoked cigar in your humidor, it may destroy the taste of other cigars.  

So this is pretty clear that you should never mix your half-used cigar with the unused ones. You may regret that. So knowing how to save a cigar for later has its own benefits.

How to Keep Your Used Cigar Moist Without Humidor?

Keeping your cigar moist will not help in the betterment of its taste when you relight it. However, it can surely give a long life to that already used cigar.

We would recommend you to carry a small airtight pouch. This must come with the ziploc system, and the pouch must contain some humidity. Before putting your half-smoked cigar in the pouch, do not forget to wrap it properly. 

How to Save a Cigar for Later Use?

So many people will suggest various ways of preserving your cigar for later use. However, only one or two of them would give you a good result. Here in this section, we will pick up the right process and will discuss it in a few steps.

Step 1: It is not a good idea to smash your cigar before you preserve it. Put it on the ashtray, and let it go out naturally. Then if you want, you can trim the burnt end. When you do not trim the end, the cigar may taste a bit rough when you reuse it. However, it totally depends on the individual’s choice. 

Step 2: When the cigar becomes cool, give a blow to it. It will remove the burnt ashes and residues inside it. If there is any stale air inside the cigar, a blow with a good force will remove it. Give this blow for nearly three seconds. 

Step 3: Then tap the cigar against the ashtray. Take a sharp metal pick to clean out the burnt tobacco leaves. Once you do this, there will be no damaged tobacco leaf left inside your cigar. When you preserve your cigar along with the burnt leaves, it gets damaged soon. Do not skip this process if you want to increase the life-shell of your cigar. 

Step 4: Now your cigar is ready for preservation. Wrap it with rolling paper. Then put it in a Ziploc pouch. The pouch must contain some humidity so that the half-smoked cigar gets a long life-shell.

If you follow these four steps to preserve your half-smoked cigar, we assure you it won’t decay soon.

However, it is never a good idea to save a half-burnt cigar for later use. If you put your half-burnt cigar in your humidor, its stale smell will damage the other fresh cigars. 

Once you light up the cigar and then preserve it, the taste can never be the same. No matter how expensive the brand is. If you find it difficult to finish your cigar at a time, you better buy the smaller cigars. 

Do’s and Don’ts While Preserving a Half-smoked Cigar

It’s good that now you know how to save a cigar for later, but while preserving anything, you have to keep certain facts in mind. Half-smoked cigar preservation is no exception. Let us find what you should do and what not to do while preserving your half-smoked cigar.


  1. Always let your cigar go out naturally, rather than putting artificial force,
  2. Do not forget to make your half-smoked cigar residues-free to get rid of the stale smell.
  3. Do cut the burnt end of your cigar for better taste.
  4. Do use a rolling paper before preserving it.


  1. Do not mix the half-smoked cigar with the fresh and unused ones.
  2. Do not use a dry pouch to preserve it. It must contain relative humidity. 

This article is an overall guide on how to save a cigar for later use. While many people don’t like to preserve their half-smoked cigars, some are accustomed to it. The only way of avoiding this is to either finish your cigar at once or buy the small cigars.

Don’t ever try to consume the whole cigar if you don’t feel like it. It may have adverse effects. 

We hope you find out your suitable way of dealing with this. In case you want to preserve it, there is no other way better than what we have discussed here.

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