How To Use A Cigar Cutter?

The art of cutting a cigar is as essential as the art of storing it. 

At first, cutting a cigar might seem a daunting process. However, if you choose the appropriate cutter and learn the right way, you will be an expert at it before you know it. 

Without wasting a further moment, let’s jump into the wide range of cigar cutters and the ways to use them. 

Types of cigar cutters

You might be wondering why we explain the different types of cigar cutters instead of just telling you how to do it! 

Well, knowing the kind of cutter you need for your cigar is an essential part of learning how to cut it. 

Besides, different cutters have features best suited for the wide range of cigars. 

Without further ado, these are all the cigar cutters you may need for your cigars. 

1. Cigar Punch 

A very simple and easy-to-use cutter; the Punch is quite commonly found among cigar enthusiasts. 

Attached to a keychain, these cutters are quite handy and more appropriate for informal settings. 

The process, however, is straightforward. After choosing the required size of Punch, all you need to do is insert the blade slowly in the cap and rotate it to make the hole. 

Punch cutters are quite appropriate for people who use mixed filler cigars. 

How to cut a cigar using the Punch? 

Rather than cutting it off, Punch is used to create a hole in the cigar’s cap

The hole has to be large enough so that the flow of the smoke can be prevented. 

The cigar needs to be held near the head, and the punchcutter has to be placed at the center of the cap. 

Rotate the cutter back and forth, applying light pressure. Once the cap breaks, rotate again, apply the same pressure, and then pull away. Blow on the dust near the cutter. 

2. Wedge cut

These notch cutters make a wedged hole with a sharp blade rather than cutting off the head of the cigar. With these cutters, the risk of making a deep cut in your cigar is quite minimum. 

These have long handles with a lever inserted in them and have an elegant look to them. 

V-cutters, nonetheless, can be a little tricky. An inadequate cut may ruin the entire cigar, which may consequently lead to an uneven burn.

How to cut a cigar with a wedge cutter? 

The first step would be to take the cutter in one hand and the cigar in the other. Pull the end of the cutter and put the cigar in it at the required depth. 

After you are positive about the depth you need, squeeze the end of the cutter. 

This will make a notch cut in the cap, and there you have it. A perfectly cut cigar using the v-cut! 

Regardless of the tricky process, you will surely get the knack for it once you start.

3. Guillotine 

The basic and widely preferred straight cutter or guillotine is simple to use. These cutters are popular for they can make both rounded and pointed heads. 

Speaking of straight cuts, there are single blade guillotine and double blade guillotine. 


Single blade guillotines do provide a smooth straight cut. They are an affordable option when you have a limited budget. 

However, their popularity has decreased with the upgrade of the double blade guillotines in the market. 


A very sharp cutter with a diagonal blade, the double blade guillotine is the most popular market. 

High-quality steel and self-sharpening blades feature these premium cutters. 

How to cut a cigar using a straight cut? 

The very first step would be to identify the shoulder of the cigar. The cutter should be placed at the curved part where the shoulder ends. 

You need to align the cigar at the proper spot in the cutter and then use all your strength to cut the cigar in one swift motion. That would make a perfect cut. 

Just brush over the cut part to remove any dust from there. 

4. Shuriken Cutter

Shaped like a capsule, these cigar cutters have six sharp blades that cut the top of the cigar. 

The Shuriken Cutters are an innovative product that cuts the cigars quite swiftly. 

How to cut cigars using a Shuriken Cutter? 

Cutting cigars becomes quite an easy job since the Shuriken Cutters have sharp razors that slit through them. 

Like the traditional cigars, these cutters neither make a hole in the cap nor clip it off. 

You will have to bring the cigar near the razor and squeeze its handles. That will do the job. 

The result would be your cigar with six cuts through its cap in a star-like pattern. Furthermore, the cap is not knocked off. It remains in its position. 

5. Cigar Scissors

They might sound like your regular household scissors, but these cutters are designed explicitly for cigars. 

They have premium quality steel blades that give the cigar a clean cut. 

How to use a cigar scissor? 

From the name itself, you may have got an idea of how to do the job. 

Start with placing your thumb in one hole of the scissor and the index finger in the other. 

The next step involves opening the jaws of the scissor and placing them on the cigar’s head at a slight angle. 

Cut the cigar with slight pressure, and there you have a clean and perfect cut. 

With a bit more practice, you would soon master the art of using cigar scissors! 


Now that we are towards the end of the article, we hope we successfully cleared every possible query on how to use a cigar cutter. 

Since different cigar cutters are used for different cuts, we have mentioned the most commonly used ones and their directions. 

We hope you found this article helpful, and if you did, feel free to share it with your friends.

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