MEGACRA Desktop Cigar Humidor Review

MEGACRA Desktop Cigar Humidor Review: At a Glance

The MEGACRA Cigar Humidor is an excellent option if you are planning to invest in some quality humidifier cum storage solution to keep your cigars fresh for a long time. You can consider purchasing this product. It’s our first recommendation on the best cigar humidors list.

If you want to store around 25 cigars or tobacco pipes at a time. It is one of those cigar humidors that allows you to control the relative humidity for storing the cigars precisely. It is portable and comes with a noise cancellation mechanism. The superior cedarwood and PU leather give an elegant and stylish look.

It is a perfect choice for those of you who prefer minimal maintenance products.

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✅ It is a perfect piece of exquisite craftsmanship
✅ The box can accommodate numerous cigars.
✅ The tight seal design is extremely efficient.
❌ The humidifier leaks at certain times, and it becomes difficult to maintain the optimum relative humidity.

The MEGACRA Cigar Humidor is an elegant and luxury cigar humidor that emits an exquisite vibe from every aspect. It is an entirely hand made product with pure cedarwood and PU leather as the built materials. The cigar box is equipped with three different elements, namely the humidifier, the adjustable divider, and the tray.

The internal dimensions are sufficient to house around 25 cigars. The hygrometer helps to scrutinize the relative humidity within the box. The wall seal design creates a tightly packed internal environment. Megara is a luxury brand that is in cigar humidor manufacture for a long time. They guarantee authentic products with elite design and finish.

MEGACRA Desktop Cigar Humidor Review: Who should Purchase? 

If you are an ardent smoker and cigars mean to you much more than just some wrapped tobacco, a cigar humidor is an essential product for you. Who would want to spend a lot of bucks on buying cigars and then leave them casually to bid farewell to the freshness? A humidor can put an end to all such problems and help to maintain appropriate relative humidity for storing cigars.

MEGACRA Desktop Cigar Humidor Overview

If you buy your stock of cigars at least two weeks in advance, you need to preserve them well inside a cigar humidor. Every cigar loses its freshness if not stored under appropriate conditions. If you think that a cigar humidor is just another box that keeps away moisture, then you are partially mistaken. A humidor allows you to control the relative humidity within it.

Highlighted Features

  • Centrally partitioned cigar storage tray
  • Exclusive faultless finish with noise cancellation mechanics.
  • Highly functional hygrometer and humidor.
  • Most delicate Spanish Cedarwood was used as the built material.
  • The tight magnetic seal design locks the freshness of the cigars for an extended period.
  • The internal dimensions are:- 9.25 X 7.87 X 3.15 inches.

MEGACRA Desktop Cigar Humidor Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Most delicate quality cedarwood is used to build this.
  • A highly functional hygrometer and the humidifier is installed within the box.
  • The humidor box is compartmentalized to make storage more manageable and make it more spacious.
  • The appearance of the box is exquisite, the one you shall consider to gift someone special.
  • Large capacity with an adjustable divider that can store from 25 to 50 cigars.
  • Tightly sealed design to ensure the freshness of the cigars.
  • Does not require too much maintenance. It comes with a manual that describes the acre instructions.
  • The dimensions are pretty large even to house the giant cigars.


  • Needs pre-seasoning before use. A lot of users find this quite cumbersome.
  • The humidifier system sometimes leaks, which can make the cigars wet.
  • Only distilled water can be used as a humidifying solution, which may not always be readily available.
  • The seal loses firmness over time and becomes inefficient to lock the freshness.

MEGACRA Desktop Cigar Humidor Review

Finishing and Built Quality:-

This specific humidifier is the perfect match of strength and beauty. Cedarwood and leather give the product a beautiful look. Cedarwood is solid as a built material and improves the texture and finish of the product. I have been using it for a long time now, and this humidor has left no rooms to complain regarding shelf life or longevity. The hinges and other parts of the product are superiorly finished to exhibit a refined look and texture.


The dimensions of this cigar humidor provide ample scope for potability. Though it is a bit heavy to carry around, it is apparent that you will not play with the box. You can easily take it to picnics, camps, and day outs.

Accommodation Capacity: –  

MEGACRA cigar humidors can store up to 25 cigars or tobacco rolls at a time. The storage trays are divided into compartments. If you love organizing things as much as I do, then this cigar humidor tray will surely make you happy. I even segregate the cigars according to the dates of purchase in the different compartments for the ease of access. 

The Seal: –

The objective of a cigar humidor is to create a microenvironment for the storage of the cigars, which will prevent any external environmental factors from ruining the freshness of the cigars. Under such circumstances, the seal of the cigar humidor box is of utmost importance. This specific humidor has a magnetic seal to ensure that no humidity from outside can enter the box and spoil the tobacco within. However, over time the seal becomes loose. 

The Humidifier System: –

This is probably the only aspect in which I am a little disappointed with the product. The hygrometer works perfectly fine to monitor the optimum humidity. What plays the evil here is the humidifier itself. Only distilled water can be used as the humidifying liquid in this cigar humidor. 

Here is the process to set up the humidifier system:-

Take a bowl full of water and place the humidifier in an upside-down fashion and let it rest there for 3 mins. Remove the extra moisture and reinstall the humidor.

Price: –

The price is well within reach. In fact, in comparison to the expensive cigars that you can preserve through this humidor, the price is justified. Your investment in this humidor will not go in vain. The best part is that once you receive the product, you will realize that it is worth the money.  

Final Verdict

This cigar humidifier is affordable. The hygrometer system allows us to monitor and regulate the internal relative humidity properly, which ensures the freshness of the cigar for a long time. Despite having multiple advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages to the product. Firstly, the humidifier leaks at times. As a cigar lover, I would never want my expensive cigars to get wet. Secondly, the use of distilled water as the humidifying solution can be a restraint as it is not a readily available solution. However, the advantages of the product win over the disadvantages.  

The overall quality of the product is good enough. You can gift this cigar humidifier box to your near and dear ones. The fantastic artistry is reflected in every component of the box.

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