New Capri Humidor Digital Hygrometer Review

New Capri Humidor Digital Hygrometer Review: At a Glance

The MEGACRA Cigar Humidor is an excellent option if you are planning to invest in some quality humidifier cum storage The New Capri Humidor Digital Hygrometer is the ideal unit to be kept in the office, bar, desk, or anywhere else.  The unit has a capacity of 50 cigars and comes complete with a round humidifier, an external hygrometer, engravable brass plate, Sureseal technology, and an accessory drawer to keep the items essential for smoking a cigar. 

This unit is fitting for those who want to keep their cigars stored for long without losing out on the aroma or the flavor. If cigars dry out they lose their taste, and in the worst-case scenario might be infested. A safe unit with moisture retention provides the ideal storage conditions for storing cigars.

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✅ Sturdy well made unit with brass clasps.
✅ Tempered glass ensures proper monitoring of the content.
✅ An additional accessory drawer for easy storage of small items.
❌ One needs to screw tight the interior wooden pieces.
❌ The tempered glass allows light to seep inside the case

Cigar smoking is more than just a habit to many; it’s a passion. A passion that is both classy and elite. If you are a cigar smoker looking for the ideal case to store and display your cigar collection, you already know how important it is to find the perfect case. 

If cigars are not stored properly, they will lose their aroma and flavor, and you surely don’t want that. To that end, you require a nice moisture-retentive case that will keep your cigar well stored. Additionally, if it has features like an analog humidor, that sort of tops out all expectations. 

Well, if that is what you are searching for, you are in the right place! The New Capri – Manhattan Humidor With Digital Hygrometer offers that much more. The unit is feature studded and is sure to be what you have been looking for all these days. 

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New Capri Humidor Digital Hygrometer Review: Who should Purchase? 

Cigar smokers enjoy the flavor and aroma cigars have to offer. But if the cigars have to be stored over time, they might lose their essence. Now that would be a sheer waste of money! To store them over time, there has to be a constant level of humidity. A humidor is thus ideal for storing cigars. 

The best part is humidors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose between a glass top that provides a clear view of the inside or even an organizer. A large humidor can easily store up to 1-150 cigars.

New Capri Humidor Digital Hygrometer Overview

A lot of consideration has to be taken while purchasing a cigar case. Firstly size becomes an important factor. One has to consider how many cigars would be stored at once. Based on that, a properly sized case would be required since a small humidor could zap out the cigars’ humidity. 

Additionally, the seal on the product must be strong to keep the moisture from escaping. Cigar smoking is also a matter of class. Many people want to display their collection aesthetically, thus the type of display on the case is also another consideration point. 

The New Capri – Manhattan Humidor With Digital Hygrometer checks out all these points. This elegant glass-top humidor has some super cool features. The front hygrometer, the magnetic seal, and the accessory drawer steal the show. 

Highlighted Features

  • The case comes complete with a front lock humidor complied with the latest digital hygrometer technology.
  • faultless finish with noise cancellation mechanics.
  • The humidor is very clean and does not create a mess while functioning.
  • The accessory drawer is ideal for storing the cutter and lighter.
  • Comes with a tempered glass top for a clear view.
  • Enhanced moisture and aroma retention possible for the kiln-dried Spanish cedar.
  • Sureseal technology ensures perfect sealing to eliminate moisture loss.

The Capri Humidor is ideal to be placed in the bar, man-cave, and even the office area. The unit is aesthetically sound and comes with a tempered glass top, which enables one to show off the prized possession.

Additionally, the Spanish cedar lining works great for reducing moisture loss, which is one of the primary concerns of cigar storing. The entire case keeps the stored cigar at a particular humidity level to lose their aroma and flavor.

New Capri Humidor Digital Hygrometer Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The glass top case allows easy monitoring of the content.
  • Excellent in maintaining the humidity level.
  • Sturdy and well built.
  • Seasoning it is easy.
  • A well-made humidifier does not leak.
  • Safe to place anywhere since the beads absorb the pg solution.
  • Comes with a strong seal.
  • Strong hinges.


  • The glass top allows a lot of light to seep in the case.
  • The analog hygrometer is not sufficient.
  • The hygrometer offers a limited range of humidity.
  • The interior wood pieces need screwing.

New Capri Humidor Digital Hygrometer Review

Look and design: 

This humidor offers an elegant mahogany finish. Its interior is lined with premium quality kiln-dried Spanish cedar that retains the cigars’ aroma and freshness. Additionally, it comes with a brass-plated exterior and has a tempered glass top. The unit’s hydrometer is placed in the front, and the scratch-resistant bottom makes the entire unit ideal for display. 


Pioneers of Quality Importers developed sure seal technology. The idea was to use a quality control procedure to ensure proper moisture retention of the cigars. The same technology has been used in the New Capri – Manhattan Humidor With Digital Hygrometer. The Sure Seal technology, along with the Spanish cedar finish in the interior and the exterior of the box, ensures long term storage and moisture retention. 

Scratch-resistant design: 

Placing the humidor is not an issue. Of course, if you have such an elegant cigar box, showing off will be on the cards. However, while it’s difficult to place any other cigar box on random surfaces for fear of scratching, you don’t need you to worry about the same in this case. The New Capri – Manhattan Humidor With Digital Hygrometer comes with a felt-lined bottom, making the unit scratch-resistant and thus can be put on any surface. 


Like most cigar cases, the New Capri – Manhattan Humidor With Digital Hygrometer has to be calibrated, and the manufacturers provide the required instructions to do the same. The steps are very simple. All one needs to do is put some salt and a few tablespoons of water in a ziplock and place it inside the case for a few hours. The device will be calibrated and will read the exact reading. 


The case comes to a little dyer with around 50 percent of humidity on arrival. This can be elevated by leaving a shot glass of water in the box overnight. The humidity level rises up to 70 percent. The manufacturer provides all the instructions. The case comes with a round foam-based humidifier with a magnetic back and can be placed anywhere in the unit. 

Final Verdict

This is a great option for those looking for a compact-sized desktop humidor. The price range of the product is very reasonable, but the quality of the same exceeds most expectations; however, though the case offers the storage of 50 cigars, it’s ideal for keeping the capacity to half, which is 25 cigars at a time to maintain the ideal humidity level of the unit. 

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