Xikar HP4 Lighter Review: Should You Buy It?

Xikar HP4 Lighter Review: At a Glance

The Xikar’s HP4 is The lighter for you if you are looking for something wide, thick, and heavy. The lighter is ideal for travel and provides a flame powerful enough to burn thicker ring gauges and denser tobacco.

The design of the lighter is sporty thus most of its features are oversized. The piece is sleek, well designed, and can be used as a tabletop lighter owing to its thick base. 

Another key aspect of the piece is the four jet flame turned inwards. The torch flame is super powerful and can be adjusted using an imposing ridge wheel placed at the base of the unit. Finally, the piece is perfect for high altitudes making it the ideal pick for hikers.

[amazon box=”B07HGHVDQ1″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]Pros:
✅ Sleek, sturdy, and thick design
✅ Sufficient insulation provided on the top
✅ The piece produces a powerful flame
❌ Some find it thick and heavy
❌ A plastic panel is placed at the back
❌ Cannot be put in travel humidors

Lighters are available in all shapes and sizes. While there are large imposing ones ideal for tabletops, there are smaller versions that don’t have a demanding demeanor. 

Between these two extremities lie the mid-sized lighters often versatile and loaded with a lot of features. One such is the Xihar’s HP4.

This is one of the cutting edge lighters that you must look into if you are a passionate smoker. From its design to the functionality, this small piece of wonder has a lot for you in-store. 

Xikar HP4 Lighter Review Who should purchase? 

If you are looking for a lighter that is mid-sized yet powerful then this one is perfect for you. The Xikar HP4 can be placed upright on the coffee table and can also be tugged conveniently in your pocket. The best part is, owing to its size it won’t get lost amidst a lot of things in your bag. Overall this piece is ideal for active people who are looking for a go-to lighter for their golf bag, hiking bag, or for their glove compartment. 

Xikar HP4 Lighter Overview:

Let’s have an overview before explaining the details in Xikar HP4 Lighter Review. The Xikar HP4 is highly inspired by supercars. It is a high-performance lighter that has been carefully crafted to deliver superior performance and output. The most attractive part about the lighter is its chassis-like design!

Additionally, there is an in-line fuel adjustment wheel, a large enough EZ view fuel window, and four jet angles. Overall the lighter is very promising, but hold your horses till you read about its features and performance in detail. 

Feature highlight of the lighter:

  • Pull down ignition sport badge styling design
  • Pure metal body with debossed stripes
  • Extreme cool rear end accents
  • Big ratcheting fuel adjustment setup
  • Flip-top lid that retracts to 90 degrees
  • The lighter features diamond quad jet flames
  • Quad flame apex created by the outer jet apex
  • Includes fuel window to detect butane levels
  • Five color options available

Xikar HP4 Lighter Advantages and disadvantages:


Since this lighter is one of the best picks of 2021, naturally there are a lot of advantages. we will discuss that before digging into Xikar HP4 Lighter Review.

Some of which include:

  • The sleek design makes the lighter perfect for every occasion
  • The brand includes a lifetime warranty
  • Colored indicator included determining the fuel level
  • The lighter has an excellent flame finish
  • The lighter has substantial weight
  • Flame can be adjusted easily
  • Ideal lighter for high altitudes
  • Reading the fuel gauge is not a problem
  • The top lid retracts more than 90 degrees for easy lighting


Indeed the Xihar HP4 has a lot of advantages, but it is not flawless. As per some users, the piece suffers from the following issues:

  • The lighter feels a bit heavy and stout
  • Some users found it difficult to ignite it at one go
  • The build quality needs improvement
  • Lacks a punch cutter
  • The color options do not include black

Even if you weigh the advantages and disadvantages, the former outweighs the latter and yes, there are enough reasons for the same, which you will notice as we move on to discuss the various features in Xikar HP4 Lighter Review. 

Xikar HP4 Lighter Review:

Xikar, as a brand is well known for its jet lighters and the HP4 is the cream on the top!  The lighter is sleek and features a killer combination of control and power coupled with an attractive design and great features.

The pull-down action of the lighter makes its ignition super easy while the inner workings are well-protected thanks to its supportive design.


If you like supercars, you are sure to love this lighter. It has some fancy racing stripes in the front section along with a rigged texture that provides additional traction, and a few chrome/ silver sizzle to give a sporty look and feel. 

The features of the piece are bit bulky, probably to enhance the sporty feel. Plus it is more powerful and sturdier than regular lighters. 


You need not push the lid hard, a little touch is all that it takes to move the lid. Inside four strong jets are placed and are turned inwards. Once lit, the four jets gather the flame at the apex and result in a  balanced light that is perfect for igniting ring gauge smokes. 

The pull-down section is big enough, almost nickel-sized and yes, no pressure required. 

Flame adjustment:

Like most lighters, this one too comes with a flame adjustment wheel which you can use to manipulate the thickness of the flame. The flame can range from thick to very tall, almost a towering one. Please note that this lighter is highly powerful, thus it is advisable to keep the flame to a medium level.

The flame adjustment wheel has both form and function. It is not very difficult to locate (placed at the base of the lighter) the five-spoke wheel. The ridges made on the side makes it easy for one to hold and turn the wheel. There are directional arrows to mark the way as well.

Functionality and ergonomic:

This feature is crucial when it comes to reviewing a lighter you are planning to purchase. It is the ergonomics that determine how easy will it be to fit the lighter in your hand, thereby its ease of lighting. Thankfully, the shape of this lighter allows easy thumb access to the operational parts of the lighter. Though the lighter is not very streamlined it has strong ergonomics.

The lighter is shorter and stockier than most of its contemporaries. Thus it fits easily in the palms. The unit is also heavier than most lighters commonly available in the market. But whether or not it’s a good thing heavily depends on your personal preference. Flicking open the lid and sliding the ignition switch is easy.

After use feel:

One of the biggest hits that make this lighter stand apart is that its lid does not get hot like other lighter after burning. The top part of the piece is well-insulated and does not transfer heat! Even after working for 10-15 seconds this lighter remains cool. 

A slight slouch:

Though overall the lighter is amazing with its racecar design and fuel check meter, its shape makes it a little less go-to. Owing to its storky shape, fitting this lighter in a single cigar slot is difficult. You will require a bigger and wider slot for that purpose. 

Another issue with the lighter is its plastic back panel. Though the rest of the piece is made out of durable metal, the plastic panel makes the lighter flimsy. But other than that, the design is worth looking into. 


Coming to my personal experience, this lighter has met all of my expectations. It is ideal for people who like some weight in their palms. But indeed, this piece is not for everyone. The sleek built of the lighter coupled with its powerful four jet flame is simply amazing and ideal for people who are looking for a portable quad flame lighter. 


Apart from the fact that the piece is stockier and thicker than other lighters, it does not suffer from any other flaw. So, if you are not bent on stuffing this one in your travel humidor then surely you can consider buying it. Hope you found this Xikar HP4 Lighter Review useful.

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