How to Adjust the Humidity of your Humidor Like an Expert

You spend so much of your time, effort, and money to stack all your favorite cigars in style. Some of the cigar smokers opt for a ready-made humidor.

While the rest of the cigar lovers like to put a tinge of their creativity by making the humidors themselves. All your efforts can go waste if humidity level is wrong. inside your humidors. Or, if there is a variation in the humidity levels inside your humidor. You are going to dislike your humidor as well as spoil your experience of smoking your favorite cigar.

So here we are going to how to adjust the humidity of your humidor?

Instead of wasting your precious cigar through the cruel hands of humidity, better to become an expert and take charge of the whole thing. Wondering how?

Here’s a guide for you to Adjust the Humidity of your Humidor like and expert.

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Adjust the Humidity of your Humidor – A guide

So, for those of you who are a novice in the field of smoking cigars, there’s one thing you should know. To maintain proper humidity levels inside your humidor, try to keep the range in between 62-74%. Usually, the bar settles at a 70% level of humidity but it is quite difficult for the humidor owners to get through it.

The humidity level depends on some factors. They are:

The first thing to do the maintaining the humidity levels inside your humidor and protecting your cigar is to buy a thermometer as well as a hygrometer. These will let you know the temperature as well as the humidity level inside the cigar box. Some cigar boxes have types of equipment like bells to alert you regarding the maintenance of the humidity levels. Definitely worth an investment, for sure!

PRO Tip!

If you’re storing your elite cigar pieces in a humidor having a very high level of humidity, your cigar will burn softly and slowly. Also, you might have an acidic taste while smoking a cigar.

But, there might be other factors affecting the humidity levels inside your cigar box like the increase in the humidity levels inside the house. So, make sure that you are storing the humidor full of cigars where there are no increased humidity issues. Also, you can make your own DIY humidor from here.

Adjust the Humidity of your Humidor: Steps to increase humidity

Adjusting the humidity levels in your humidor does not mean that you’ll always have an increasing level of humidity. Chances are, that you’ll have to increase the humidity levels, too. The low humidity levels will dry the tobacco totally and will suck out taste-off from your cigar. So, you got to make the changes very soon.

This is how you can do the same.

Wet a paper towel and clean the whole humidor nicely with the same. This is going to help in achieving the normal humidity levels with speed. For the next time, you will have to make sure that you are shutting the top of your humidor nicely. If you keep it loose, you are surely going to incur humidity issues now and then.

Also, you can opt for a humidor regulator and thus, refresh it once every 14 days. Also, change the regulator on the requirement. Keep filling the regular with starter fluids and then water once every two weeks. Don’t stop this process as this ensures better performance and effectiveness.

Adjust the Humidity of your Humidor: Steps to decrease humidity

So, if you are overdoing the humidity levels inside a humidor, the result can be the growth of molds. Your cigars will experience a lot of difficulties while lighting and might even put off automatically. Also, you won’t be able to draw on your cigars for a proper cut. Therefore, it is time for you to pay attention to the increased humidity levels.

The first thing for decreasing humidity is to keep the lid of the humidors open for some time. A good amount of moisture will escape this way and the humidity levels will fall instantly. You can also expose the box to direct sunlight for a faster process.

Contrary to the steps for increasing the humidity levels, removing water from the regulator will decrease the levels. Also, you can keep humidor beads inside the box that ensures maintenance of the humidity levels. They can absorb as well as release moisture to regulate the levels of humidity inside the humidor.

Factors affecting humidity levels

If you are wondering about the impact of various things on humidity, this is something you should know. Even the slightest change can increase or decrease the humidity levels inside a humidor. Several factors like exposing the humidor to direct sunlight, bad air circulation, frequent use of heaters and air conditioners amongst others can affect humidity.

Hence, you should avoid keeping your humidors in places that have good sunlight or heaters and fans. Also, you can buy a hygrometer to keep a frequent check on the humidity levels.

Ways to supplement humidity

If you are purchasing your humidor from the market, it might have a device for humidification inserted. But, if there is an absence of the same or you are assembling your humidors at home, you can try this. Take a clean sponge, wet it, and place it inside the box. This is a perfect pick if you are dealing with issues like low humidity levels inside the box. Also, an investment in a digital thermometer, as well as a hygrometer, will help you.

In a nutshell

In all, adjusting the humidity levels in your humidor like an expert is no big thing. All you need to do is pay attention to the taste of your cigar. If there are any changes, it’s time for you to keep a check on the humidity levels of your humidor. Take the necessary steps to reach the ideal range of humidity inside your humidor box. Keep shuffling your cigars time and again to make sure that your cigars are getting just the required amount of humidity. So, now you know how to Adjust the Humidity of your Humidor, This will add to the impeccable experience of smoking a cigar, for sure!

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