Best Cigar Ashtray Reviews & Buying Guide


Having a nice unique ashtray is more than just a necessity for a smoker. Cigar aficionados are exquisite in their choices and want some panache while enjoying their smoke. To that end, having an exclusive ashtray is desired. Thus we have handpicked five such options which all smokers will like.  To make the finest pick, … Read more

How To Date A Cigar Box?


A cigar box is precisely where the cigar comes packed in, and it offers an equally exquisite look like the cigar itself. A number of times, the box looks even better than the main product, primarily due to the mastery of the individuals behind the process of packaging. Most of the time, when you walk … Read more

Stogies vs Cigars: The Ultimate Comparison


If you know about cigars, you must also hear the word “Stogie.” Here, we will discuss what exactly stogies are and the basic difference between the two: cigars and stogies. The basic similarity between the two is that they are smoking objects made by wrapping tobacco in the paper.  But when it comes to dissimilarities, … Read more

Are Cigarette Ashes Good For Plants?


Some individuals think that cigarette ash can be used to fertilize plants. Some individuals use cigarette ashes to fertilize their garden or indoor plants. But as The carbon in the paper and tobacco burns and only the ash remains. Most of these ashes contain potassium and calcium. Both are helpful to so many plants. Unfortunately, … Read more

Can Cigar Smoke Carry Coronavirus?


Although it is not believed that cigar smoke directly spreads the virus, infected cigar smokers can spread virus-carrying droplets when they exhale. The ability to smell smoke may be a warning sign if you are standing too near the smoker. The new virus that causes COVID-19 infection is likely to transmit primarily through respiratory droplets … Read more

How To Cut A Cigar Without A Cutter?


You may not have a cigar cutter all the time with you, although nothing can match the precision of a cutter, you can use certain alternatives to do the job for the time being.  These alternatives become much more important when you misplace your cutter or forget to carry it while moving out. So suppose … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Cigar Breath?


Cigar smoking is all about fun and enjoyment till we talk about its after-effects. Now, these after-effects not just include the health issues but also the cigar breath, which is challenging to get rid of. However, with the help of some suggestions, you can avoid this problem to a great extent.  In this article, we … Read more