Best Cigar Humidor Coolers: Reviews & Buying Guide

Cigar Humidor Coolers are the best device for cigar lovers. These coolers help to keep the cigars in the best possible condition so that they last longer. 

Cigar humidor coolers are specially designed containers for cigars that help to maintain the relative humidity level. Cigars need to be kept in proper storage, with specific moisture levels and a particular temperature, and cigar humidor coolers are the best device for this purpose. 

The leaves in Cigars tend to expand or shrink depending on the temperature and humidity level of the air. The shrinking tobacco leaves lose their appeal, and when they are lit if they are not kept in a well-maintained environment. On the other hand, if the humidity level is high, the leaves tend to decay. Hence, an efficient cigar cooler is a necessity to prevent the cigars from getting wasted. 

Now that we know a cigar humidor cooler is vital for cigars, let us look at some of the best cigar humidor coolers to invest their money on with the absolute assurance of their worth. 

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Best Cigar Humidor Coolers: Our Top Picks

1. Remington Electronic Cigar Cabinet

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In every sense, Remington Cigar Cabinet is a twin of Redford Lite Cigar Cabinet. The device comes with a storage capacity of about 2000 cigars. This cigar cabinet is a true necessity for cigar lovers who need a large room for their huge collection. The cabinet has a lock feature which is a much-needed one. 

The device features eloquent details such as adorned wooden panels, crown molding, and an attractive brass handle on the door. 

It has heavy built tempered glass in the front having a seal to prevent any leakage. The interior of this device has six drawers that have a smooth glide for easy movement of the slides. For extra room, the cabinet comes with a removable tray that can be adjusted with the two dividers provided at the very bottom. 

It provides the perfect temperature control with a built-in humidification system. The de-mist feature, as we know, keeps the interior free from condensation. The climate control feature is way easier to set up than one can imagine.

The temperature range is between 41F – 71F, and the humidity level ranges between 56% to 78%. The temperature does not usually require to be changed since this device is an electric-controlled humidor. Hence the cigar is stored for a very long time despite the change in the external temperature. 

Provided with a digital hygrometer, it is one of the best cigar coolers with a wooden cabinet. The six wooden shelves provided in this device gave a smooth movement when opening or closing the drawers. The Humidification system has quite a large room for water reservoirs that can be removed and refilled. 

The excellent fact about this device is that It saves the settings in memory which saves time and effort. It has a jaw-dropping dark cherry finish, an example of fine craftsmanship.

What We Like

  • Digital hygrometer. 
  • Cherry or espresso finish
  • Built-in Humidifier. 
  • Tempered glass. 
  • Electric-controlled humidor. 
  • Accommodates up to 500-2000 cigars. 
  • Automatically saves the climate control settings. 
  • Six wooden drawers. 
  • Appealing look with a brass handle on the door.

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not come with 220V. 

2. NewAir CC-300H Cigar Cooler

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The current favorite of cigar enthusiasts, NewAir CC-300H, is one of the best you can get your hands on. The best feature of this cooler is that it comes with a built-in heater along with a cooler. Now, how cool is that! It comes with four shelves and two drawers. 

The cigars wouldn’t always need the same temperature to remain in good condition. Sometimes the change in weather requires them to be kept at the correct temperature, for which the heater comes in handy. The humidity level in this new model is more consistent than most other coolers. 

This cigar cooler keeps cigars in the best condition all year long and is the best choice for stores, bars, and homes. It can hold up to 400 cigars which means you get plenty of space for your cigars. The shelves provided are of Spanish cedar and are pretty adjustable. One great thing is that the shelves have an opening at the bottom which helps the humidity to flow between the shelves freely. 

The NewAir CC-300H has an appealing black and a stainless steel finish with a glass door in the front. The glass door is great for showcasing your collection of cigars. In addition, these doors help in maintaining the humidity as well. Without even opening the glass door, one can easily have a look at the hygrometer settings. Hence, the humidity level is maintained when the door is not being closed and opened continuously. It is a good grab in its features and looks. 

What We Like

  • Built-in heater. 
  • Adjustable Spanish cedar shelves. 
  • It is great for storing more than 400 cigars. 
  • LED lighting. 
  • It consists of four adjustable shelves and two drawers. 
  • Digital thermostat. 
  • Cooling function. 
  • Appealing look with a black and stainless steel finish.

What We Don’t Like

  • No indicator for heating or cooling. 
  • Doors can be opened to a certain extent even after a lock. 
  • They lack handles on the door. 

3. Whynter Elite Touch CHC-172BD

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With a storage capacity of 350 plus cigars, Whynter Elite Touch CHC-172BD is taller and built for a narrower area. This device has both an analog well as a digital hygrometer which is quite helpful in adjusting the desired humidity level. The thermoelectric cooling feature is vibration-free, which is indeed a good relief. The feature even prevents the drying effect while cooling. 

The Whynter Elite Touch CHC-172BD has an attractive black sleek design. The cigars are not only flavored well in the cooler cabinet, but this device even helps them to age well. The cigars remain free from pests or other harmful conditions. 

It has again an auxiliary fan that helps spread moisture throughout the cooler. The interiors not only maintain good humidity but also maintain a light aroma which keeps pests away. The cigars are stored, and they age well within the humidity level between 62% to 75 %. One of the cool features is its removable and adjustable humidity tray. 

The cooler is furnished with three drawers having enough space and two flat shelves. These drawers are quite adjustable as well as removable, which does the occasional cleaning of the cooler convenient. It comes with a good quality towel bar handle. With a glass finish and a lining of Spanish cedar, this device looks perfectly fine for an eloquent interior. 

The soft LED lighting in the cigar cabinet with an on/off switch compliments one’s house decor. The cigar cabinet fulfills the need for both an efficient cooler and an attractive one to showcase one’s cigar. 

What We Like

  • Analogue Hygrometer. 
  • Auxiliary fan
  • Taller and perfect for narrower space. 
  • Container for 350+ cigars. 
  • Glass finish
  • Removable Spanish cedar drawers. 
  • Thermoelectric cooling feature. 
  • Vibration-free. 
  • The features keep pests away.
  • Attractive LED lighting. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks a built-in electronic humidifier.

4. Redfort Lite Cigar Cabinet

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Redford Lite Cigar Cabinet comes with a big storage capacity of about 1250 cigars, where most of the other coolers provide short storage. Despite its huge storage capacity, it is impressive how the cigar cabinet has a modest size. A White LED lighting on the inner side of the glass door has been provided in the cooler to illuminate the interior as well as give it an appealing look. 

Provided with a digital hygrometer, it performs fine with an accurate cooling unit. The digital climate and humidity control feature is the most efficient to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The temperature adjustable is 41F-71F. The cooler cabinet consists of a water reservoir that can easily be removed or refilled. 

An Oakwood matte finish gives this cooler an elegant design that satisfies the need for a modern interior. The cooler comes with four drawers that slide quite smoothly. The shelves have three adjustable dividers that can be arranged in any way one would prefer. 

Redford Lite Cigar Cabinet also has a de-mist feature that automatically does not let the glass fog up. The glass door comes with a nice handle, and it has a unique lock system to ensure the security of the cooler. The tempered glass door comes with a tint. Furthermore, there is an in-built auxiliary fan in the cooler to refrain it from storing up too much moisture. The cooler cabinet operates on 110/120V. The 220/240 V version of this cooler is also available. 

What We Like

  • Storage capacity of about 1250 cigars. 
  • De-mist feature. 
  • Oakwood matte finish. 
  • White LED lighting. 
  • Adjustable sliders
  • It has an auxiliary fan. 
  • Lock system to maintain security. 
  • Contains a refillable water reservoir
  • A 220/240 V version is available. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Although it is not portable, one may face difficulty during the installation of the device. 

Guide For Buying a Cigar Humidor Cooler

Now that we have undergone some of the best cigar humidor coolers you can invest in, it is an important step to be aware of all the features that one should look for while buying one. After all, it is quite an investment one would make. Why not make it worth the money by keeping a few points in mind! 

Choose the appropriate size 

The list of all the best coolers has taught us one important thing: these cigar lovelies come in different sizes. Therefore, it’s vital to choose the right size you need. It depends on whether it is for your collection at home and how big you want it to be, or if the cooler is for your store or bar. 


If you are someone who travels around a lot but does not want to leave your cigar collection at home, you must go for a portable cigar humidor. They are smaller in size than those that are not portable, easy to carry anywhere, and even pocket-friendly. If not for traveling purposes, you are good to go for any of the non-portable cigar humidors as per your preferences. 

Avoid cheap cigar humidors 

It is necessary to learn how to spot a cheap and inefficient cigar humidor. These humidors are sold everywhere, online as well as in physical stores. They only last for a few months, unlike the customized ones built to last for quite a long time. The cigar humidors usually turn out to be unreliable if the price seems to be too irresistible. Most of the humidors are built using quality materials such as the Spanish cedar woods. It would be unreasonable for a seller to give away the cigar coolers at such low prices. If you prefer to buy online, do not forget to look at the reviews posted about these coolers by other buyers. 

Knowledge of built-in devices and the separate ones

Usually, the coolers come with either built-in hygrometers and thermometers or without them. It is advised to buy the ones with these built-in devices as they are the indicators of the type of environment that the cigars would be subjected to. If you do not want your cigars to be ruined, which of course you would not, the wise decision will be to go for cigar humidor coolers with the built-in hygrometer and thermometer. It will keep you updated with the changing humidity level and protect your precious cigars. 

Importance of Tight seal

A cigar humidor will be nothing if it does not have a tight seal. No matter what brand or quality cooler you buy, if it does not facilitate a tight seal, it is not worth the investment. There wouldn’t be proper insulation, hence, risking the condition of your cigars. One good way to check the seal of the cigar humidor cooler will be to check if the seal makes a certain sound when closed. 

FAQs on Best Cigar Humidor Coolers

1. How Long a Cigar Cooler Lasts? 

A cigar humidor cooler of a good brand lasts for years and even a lifetime if taken proper care of. However, the scenario might be different for the portable cigar coolers since they are carried from one place to another and are very often subject to being dropped by mistake. It might last for a few years, but a lifetime is not promised. 

2. Clean the Cigar Humidor Coolers? 

All it takes is a clean cloth or sponge. You need to wipe the interior of the coolers with a cloth or sponge using distilled water. It is essential to keep in mind that your cloth or sponge is not filled with water or the cedar wood shelves tend to soak the water, compromising its quality. After twenty-four hours of the cigar humidor cooler being cleaned, you can set the humidity, and you are good to go. 

3. Why buy a cigar humidor cooler?

Temperature is an important factor when it comes to storing your cigars. An appropriate environment is important, and we could most definitely never rely on the climate outside. The temperature tends to increase or decrease outside, but that should in no way affect your cigars. That is why a cigar humidor cooler is an essential device for every person fond of collecting cigars. 


Upon considering all facts, everyone enthusiastic about cigars and their collection shouldn’t abstain from getting their hands on a good quality Cigar humidor cooler from a good brand. 

We hope the given list of some of the best cigar coolers we found would help you figure out which one would be the perfect one for you, whether you are a traveling person or a businessman or fond of maintaining a collection in your house. 

We have tried our best to put forward all possible additional information on the cigar coolers. Furthermore, there is a list of guidelines for you to consider while buying one of these devices to get a product worth your money and maintain the good condition of your cigars.

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