5 Best Cigar Hygrometer for Humidors

With cigars, you need to take your time. Cigar smokers have a certain level of panache and attitude.

..and why not? The hobby itself is very chic and so are the accessories required to sustain the hobby.

Every cigar enthusiast is aware of the importance of a humidor to maintain the ideal level of humidity of the cigars. This level of humidity is measured by a hygrometer.

Though the purpose of the hygrometer is crucial, mostly this comes attached to the humidor itself. However, if you want your smoke to taste fine and have just the right amount of crunch to it, you need to buy ac hygrometer and calibrate it. 

Hygrometers are available in different price ranges. While some are expensive, others are quite affordable. 

In this article, we have listed out five Best Cigar Hygrometer that you can consider. Before that, check out top 3 picks below.

Best Cigar Hygrometer: Our Top Choice

Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer

The first product on our list is a hygrometer that a lot of people will find typical. 

The product comes for a sensible price which makes it worth for people to purchase the same. It comes attached with an adhesive pad which helps one stick the hygrometer inside the lid of the humidor.

However, it is advisable to keep the piece at the corner, or away from the reservoir which contains the water. 

Using this product involves no tricks or knowledge. The large enough LED screen shows the numbers clearly

The calibre IV is calibrated during the purchase but of course, you can recalibrate it if you want. It is accurate by to +/- 1%  as per the manufacturer. 

The best part about this hygrometer is that it not only displays humidity but also the temperature inside. That’s why it deserves to be on the list of Best Cigar Hygrometer.

Pro Tip: The temperature inside should not be higher than 75F. Ideally, it should be 70F. 

The hygrometer is battery operated and includes the battery in the package. However, you need to monitor it daily as it will require change. 

Finally, the product gives a three-day average so you can check if the temperature is fluctuating.


✅ The product has a high accuracy rate
✅ Compact sized hygrometer
✅ The product comes with a safe magnetic mount
✅ Factory calibrated and can be recalibrated


❌ The piece lacks alert options
❌ The product does not show humidity levels below 20%

Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer

This is another affordable hygrometer that you can buy if you are serious about your cigar collection. The product has a wide temperature range and excellent sensitivity. Thus it has one of the most accurate sensors. 

The sensor of this product has been designed with the utmost care and has both convenience and utility. Batteries installed in the unit can run up to 6 months. So you can change them anytime you deem fit.

Package also includes a double tape for wall mounting inside the humidor. Best part about the product is the round display. It can read across the room and updates the reading every two seconds. This is the Best Cigar Hygrometer, if you want to mount it.

Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer, Smart Humidity Temperature Sensor with App Notification Alert, 2 Years Free Data Storage Export, Wireless Remote Monitor for Room Greenhouse Incubator Wine Cellar
  • Two Ways to Connect: Easily monitor temp and humidity data in real time from anywhere. With stable WiFi and Bluetooth connection via the Govee Home app, you'll have more opportunities to react to changes in your air quality (not support 5G WiFi).

Data is recorded every 60 seconds. The hygrometer itself keeps a 20-day record of the temperature reading!

The sensor itself is quite sensitive to changes and records any fluctuations right away. Want to test it? Alright, hold any hot or cold object next to it and observe the reading change.

There is a free app for this device which you can access to get an overview of all the data collected. They are easy to read and are presented in the form of a graph. 

In addition to graphs, other features like alarm and data exporting to CSV files are also present.


✅ The hygrometer pairs with Alexa
✅ Remote monitoring is an option
✅ Readings are seen on the sensor
✅ Well constructed product


❌ Product incompatible with Google Home
❌ Is not an addition to automatic homes

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer

What if you have a small display box for your cigars. Can you just leave your cigar lying there till your guests leave?

Maybe not. 

You need to manage and monitor the temperature range in that box too. But if your hygrometer is too big it won’t go.

Enters the Sensor push thermometer. This thermometer is tiny and has a great temperature and humidity sensor.

Since the sensor is tiny it can be placed anywhere you want. But don’t be fooled by its size.

The coin-sized battery, supplies enough power to the sensors to last for a year and more (if the weather condition is not too cold)

Setting it up is fairly easy. All you need to do is install the free app on your smartphone. Keep the device close to the phone for the Bluetooth to connect and you are done. 

The thermostat takes reading every minute and stores the same locally. After 20 days all of this data is pushed to your phone. So, you can check on your cigars even if you are on vacation!

While the current data is presented in big clear numbers, the historical data is presented in the form of graphs.  But if you want to explore the data further, then you can export it in a format suitable for spreadsheets.

All in all, this is one smart hygrometer! and deserves to be on the list of 5 Best Cigar Hygrometer.


✅ The sensor can be installed in very small places
✅ Local data storage option available
✅ Setting up is easy
✅ The app can be used by multiple sensors and users
✅ Affordable price for the quality provided


❌ WiFi operations will require separate purchase
❌ Some find it difficult to interpret the historical data

Boveda Smart Hygrometer

The butler smart sensor is worth dying for!

It honestly comes for a throwaway price if you consider the wide array of features and unique brand build. 

While initially there were some issues with the Android pairing, the company has dealt with it to a great extent with its recent updates. 

The sensor runs on Bluetooth and can connect to your mobile device through a dedicated app. But for that, you first have to be nearby to connect it. 

However, there are ways you can set up this sensor for remote monitoring using an old smartphone.

Overall this sensor is very easy to set up and can be used on a daily basis.


✅ Easy to use and very accurate
✅ Maintains hourly log of temperature readings
✅ The sensor comes with a calibration unit
✅ Excellent customer service by the brand


❌ A little challenging to calibrate initially but it gets better.
❌ Since it operates on Bluetooth, it consumes a lot of battery

Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Silver Digital

This can function the way you want it to. You can choose to set it up as a digital hygrometer or an analogue one! Making it one of the Best Cigar Hygrometer.

If you happen to love your cigars, having this installed in your humidor is imperative. This is a very pocket-friendly and advanced humidity sensing device. 

The accuracy level of this hygrometer is very similar to the ones used in the laboratories. The product is compact, looks very classic and is the ideal choice for all humidors. 

Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Silver Digital/Analog Hygrometer by Western Humidor
  • Advanced humidity sensor maintains accuracy to +/- 1%

As per the manufacturer, it can measure  +/- 1 % RH  within a 20-90% range. 

Though the unit is factory calibrated, you can calibrate it as per your requirement. The device comes with a digital display which makes temperature readings easy. 


✅ Very easy to use
✅ Provides accurate readings
✅ Can read temperature fluctuations
✅ The unit comes with a magnetic mount


❌ Not ideal for high humidity
❌ According to some users, it is difficult to read the numbers

Things to consider before buying a hygrometer

Of course, buying a hygrometer is necessary, but you cannot just pick any off the rack.

Since the purpose of the hygrometer is to protect the quality of the cigars, choosing one that fits your purpose is important.

To that end, here are a few things that you must keep in mind while buying Best Cigar Hygrometer.

Accurate humidity:

Humidity cannot be measured as easily as temperature. But thankfully, some of the products listed above have an accuracy point of +/- 1%.

It is always advisable to buy such models as the level of accuracy will always be true. If the hygrometer does not show true accuracy of readings, your cigars may run dry without you being unable to do anything about it. 

An accurate hygrometer does not cost a fortune. The price difference with the other products is almost negligible, and thus can be opted for. A very important part which determines a Best Cigar Hygrometer

Battery life:

This is one important factor that requires special attention. In fact, this is the first thing that you must notice when you are out purchasing a hygrometer. Ideally, you should look for a wireless device or plugin for your cigar unit. 

Remote monitoring:

The next-gen hygrometers have come up with a feature through which they can send alerts to your phone from a distant location. 

A lot of the new hygrometers come with free apps that send detailed reports and updates so that you can check on your cigars from a remote location. 

A lot of the popular brands in the market have this feature with add-ons

Of course, it is a useful feature and you can consider looking into it. 

Ease of reading:

You don’t want a hygrometer that is super difficult to read. Ideally, it should be something that you can read by just opening the humidor for a short time. 

To top it, if you keep the humidor door open for more than a minute, there will be a great disbalance of temperature and humidity. You don’t want that. Thus, get a hygrometer that is easy to read.


Generally, hygrometers are delivered pre-calibrated. However, you may have to re-calibrate it at some point in time. 

This can help you do it better. 

NIST certificate:

While purchasing a hygrometer, check if it has a NIST certification, this is a nationally recognized calibration standard for all hygrometers. A must have for a best cigar hygrometer.

However, hygrometers purchased for industrial use must have an ISO certificate.


This is one factor that will come into consideration even if it is not on the list! If you are on a tight budget you may miss out on a few features that are there for a higher price range product. 

For instance, a hygrometer with a smart app that has a remote monitoring option will cost more. 

Best Cigar Hygrometer FAQs

What are the different types of hygrometers?

There are many different sorts of hygrometers. The most popular ones are:
1. Dew point hygrometers
2. Psychrometers
3. Electrical or digital hygrometers
4. Mechanical hygrometers

Do you need to calibrate your hygrometer?

Yes. Hygrometers need to be calibrated properly so that they can provide accurate readings. This is all the more important because some hygrometers can be off by as much as 10% RH when they are taken out of the box. 

The consequences can be damaging if you are not aware that the humidity level in your humidor is too low or too high.

How to use a hygrometer?

Before putting it in the humidor, the hygrometer needs to be calibrated properly.
For that purpose, the following steps are crucial:
1. Soak a soft cloth in lukewarm water
2. Cover the hygrometer in the moist cloth. Keep it like that for an hour
3. Unwrap the hygrometer after an hour and set it  to read between 95%- 97%
4. If the hygrometer is already in that range, then it is ready to function

Final words:

The task of a hygrometer is simple yet crucial. If the humidity and temperature of the humidor are not monitored properly, the cigars will get ruined. But you cannot just purchase a hygrometer and have it placed in your humidor. That won’t save your cigars either. 

So, be careful and consider the points mentioned above while purchasing a Best Cigar Hygrometer. Then move on to calibrate it before placing it in your humidor.  After all, nothing should mess with the taste of your weekend cigar. 

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