Best Electric Cigar Humidors: Buyer’s Guide

A crushed, soaked, or damaged cigar breaks your heart, right?

Imagine you are just about to light one and relax after a long day of work, and your cigar has already become crisp!!

There can be nothing worse than that. The quality issues of your cigar might be due to poor storage. 

Thus, you need the best electric cigar humidor to maintain your cigars’ quality right up to the time when you are ready to smoke them.

In this article, we will cover the best products that you can consider if you wish to preserve your smokes’ quality.

So let’s get going. 

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Best Electric Cigar Humidors: Our Top Choices

1. Audew JC-23C1 Electronic Cigar Cooler Humidor: Best Inexpensive Wooden Humidor

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This is one of the best electric cigar humidors that can hold up to 150 pieces!

The sheer space this unit offers is ideal for you if you like to stock up your brand in large quantities. 

The best part about this humidor is that not only does it maintain an optimum level of humidity, but it also has superior temperature control. The temperature range is between 54°F to 74°F, which can be controlled and customized easily. 

Highlighted Features

  • The unit features a temperature range between 54°F to 74°F 
  • Semiconductor refrigeration technology used to circulate the air between the cigars freely
  • The unit has three adjustable wooden shelves along with one drawer that can store up to 150 cigars
  • Features an excellent cedarwood fragrance

The cedar wooden adjustable shelves in the unit keep the cigars moist, and the sufficient airflow within the unit ensures better humidity and temperature control. 

This particular humidor has a closed-loop air circulation system that ensures the humidity on the top shelves, and the bottom is the same. An in-built control panel has been installed on the top shelves, which will help you control the airflow to a great extent. 

If you are a cigar lover, you know how important it is to preserve the cigars’ flavor, and that can only happen if the right temperature and humidity levels can be maintained. 

With this unit installed in your place, you need not worry about your cigars’ quality anymore! 

The compact design, adjustable wooden shelves, and the closed-loop air circulation mechanism of this unit will take care of it all.

What we like

  • The humidor is easy to set up. The unit comes with easy instructions for the seasoning.
  • The humidor provides just the right amount of humidity.
  • Sleek and sophisticated design

What we don’t like

  • It is difficult to see the cigars from outside due to the dark glass panel
  • Some users found it a bit tricky to set it at the desired temperature

Editor’s Verdict:

The unit offers the ideal temperature control for cigars. If you live in a house with a room temperature of 80 degrees, it is not suitable for cigars. This unit brings that down to 60-70 degrees. 

2. Whynter CHC-122BD Elite Touch Control Stainless Cigar Cooler: Best Inexpensive Humidor

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This unit is quite popular in the market and has won the hearts of many smokers. In addition to the great features this humidor brings to the table, its compact design is worth talking about. 

The cooler might look small to you. But do not be fooled by its size! This beast can store up to 250 cigars at a go. Thus, stocking up your best picks is now as easy as a cakewalk.

Highlighted Features

  • Vibration-free cooling
  • Includes Spanish cedar drawers and shelves
  • Features humidity tray and Hygrometer
  • The unit consists of an adjustable thermostat

The cooler includes removable drawers lined with the finest quality Spanish cedar to keep your cigars moist and their flavor fresh. Even if you buy different cigars in different sizes, storing them won’t be an issue. You can either place the individual cigars in the removable drawers or even keep them intact in the boxes. There is enough space to accommodate both the options. 

In addition to the drawers that can be removed to make space for more cigars, the unit’s adjustable thermostat provides a temperature range between 50ºF – 66ºF. You can easily check the temperature on the LED display.

Powered with soft interior LED lighting and fan-forced air circulation for even temperature distribution, this unit is a must buy.

What we like

  • The adjustable thermostat built-in this unit makes it easy to control the temperature
  • The unit works quietly without producing any vibration
  • The cooler is compact and does not use a lot of space

What we don’t like

  • Though the unit stores a lot of cigars, it’s not ideal for those looking to store more than 300 pieces at a time.
  • 66 degree is the highest temperature that this unit offers

Editor’s Verdict:

The unit is perfect for people starting with their cigar collection but may not have enough space for enthusiasts having more than 300 cigars.

3. Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hygrometer

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If you are a cigar lover, you have surely heard about the name Case Elegance. This brand is the manufacturer of the most sought-after humidors, watch boxes, and other state-of-the-art storage items. 

The best part about this particular humidor is that it combines all desirable features of high-end humidors in an affordable price range. Naturally, it is the best electric cigar humidor!

Highlighted Features

  • Classic and retro look
  • The glass top can be monogrammed
  • Features a strong seal to keep the cigars fresh
  • The Hygrometer allows you to monitor the condition inside the unit constantly
  • It comes with a spacious accessory storage unit

The exterior of the product is made out of solid wood and comes in a soft walnut color and that too in a great size. There are a digital hygrometer and an in-built humidor that keeps the cigars fresh and moist.

While the cigars lie neatly on the Spanish cedar tray inside the box, you can see them through the clear glass top. Additionally, there is an accessory storage drawer for you to store your cutters, travel humidors, and other equipment required for your smoking. 

Finally, the top of the box has a magnetic enclosure making it next to impossible to pass anything under it. You can also use the brand’s humidifying gel and hydro stick to hold the moisture of the unit.

What we like

  • The product features an effective hygrometer
  • It has a drawer to keep the essential items
  • Great quality product for the price paid

What we don’t like

  • Some users feel it takes a bit of time to season
  • The drawer space does not have any humidification system

Editor’s Verdict:

The unit looks stellar and offers high capacity with a great storage facility. 

4. Audew Cigar Cooler Humidor Spanish Cedar Wood: Best Inexpensive Humidor

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Another marvel from this popular brand that provides the ideal environment for the storage of your cigars. 

The cigars stored in this unit retain moisture and flavor for a long time. Owing to its Spanish cedar coated drawer and shelves, the unit offers excellent humidity control coupled with a woody fragrance. 

Highlighted Features

  • The unit provides consistent temperature and humidity
  • Air loop circulation maintains constant humidity
  • Includes a moisture container
  • It comes with a button control panel
  • Blocks external light with tempered glass

Powered with an air closed loop circulation system along with an in-built cooler fan, the humidor is ideal for maintaining the taste and quality of 300 cigars at a go.

What we like

  • The shelves can be adjusted
  • Ideal for people living in warmer areas
  • The door is solid coupled with rubber seals

What we don’t like

  • Some users face issues with temperature control. The company is working to fix the same
  • Lacks sidewalls for placing smaller shelves

Editor’s Verdict:

The unit has all the essential features to keep your cigars fresh and moist. However, the unit only offers a cooling function and not a heating one.

5. Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Electronic Humidifier: Most Recommended Large cigar Humidor

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Yet another best electric cigar humidor that you can buy if you want to install one in a large cabinet. Ideally, this unit is perfect for cigar retailers, but if you wish to purchase your cigars in bulk, you can opt for this unit too. The product has a display case of 10 to 60 cubic feet, which can hold up to 1000 cigars. 

The Magna 3.0 humidifier effectively controls the humidity level and keeps the cigars fresh and moist. 

Highlighted Features

  • Low battery and power indicator with alarm
  • Features automatic humidity control
  • Micro USB power adapter included with the unit
  • Setting can be adjusted through PC, via the web, or through the Oasis app
  • Features auxiliary fan kit for equal air circulation

This particular unit is the third edition of the Oasis Magna series, as indicated by its name. It has a powerful fan installed in the upper section coupled with a large distilled water tank in the lower part of the unit. The humidifier switches on as soon as the desired level of humidity drops below a certain level. 

The unit also contains a mounting lock, which holds strong whenever it is mounted inside the humidor. It comes with a preset relative humidity of 70% and can be adjusted as per your preference.

What we like

  • This unit is ideal for maintaining the moisture level and the quality of the cigars
  • It is possible to adjust the humidity level of the cigar with no fuss
  • Sleek and sophisticated design

What we don’t like

  • Some users felt that the fan installed in the unit runs often.
  • There is some glitch with the app and wifi connectivity of the unit. However, the company is working on fixing the same.

Editor’s Verdict:

The seal design makes this a perfectly sized cabinet coupled with a large LCD screen. It’s the ideal hands-free low maintenance unit for beginners. 

6. RMYHOME 15″ Touch Control Stainless Wooden Electronic Cigar Cabinet

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This is the newest cigar cabinet in its category. The unit has impressive gesture density and sturdy construction, which sets it apart from all the humidors mentioned in the list so far. Additionally, the 24″ touch control is a unique feature that attracts cigar aficionados. 

Though the 24″ cabinet with variable temperature and humidity control is enough to attract users, that’s not all that this beautiful unit features. 

Lookwise the cabinet features a sleek design crafted out of stainless steel. Beautiful wooden inserts and shelves complement the black exterior accents. You can look inside the humidor without opening it frequently (compromising the temperature inside) thanks to its glass door. This characteristic sets this unit apart from the Oasis Magna case mentioned in this list. 

Highlighted Features

  • Features a temperature control range between 61-72℉ and a humidity range of 50-80%
  • Stainless steel and glass construction eliminates the chances of corrosion
  • Noiseless low energy consumption unit
  • The unit comes with touch screen controls and a fully functioning child lock

The touchscreen control further allows you to monitor and control the humidity levels inside the unit keeping the cigars fresh and crisp. 

Besides the valuable features, this unit also includes a child lock mechanism to keep your cigars safe if you have kids running around the house. There are also soft LED lights that make the unit’s inner chambers visible and, of course, adds an ambiance. 

You can easily store 500 cigars on the three cedar wooden shelves of the unit. Plus, you can add more shelves if you choose to grow your collection. 

The key highlight of the unit is its intelligent temperature and humidity control feature. Owing to this feature, the unit consumes low energy and functions almost noiselessly. Thanks to its super quiet design and excellent aesthetics, you can keep this unit in any environment you deem fit. 

What we like

  • Easy to read and simple digital display
  • The unit has a large storage capacity
  • It consumes low energy

What we don’t like

  • It is a tad bit expensive
  • The unit is not ideal for beginners

Editor’s Verdict:

The model is ideal for cigar lovers. Though it has all beginner-friendly features, it might be a significant investment for those just starting with their cigar collection. 

7. NewAir NCH250SS00: Best Small Electric Cigar Humidor

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NewAir NCH250SS00 is another new product in the market that has gathered quite a fan following for its wineador-style mechanism. Of the remarkable features that this unit has, its seal door requires special mention. A humidor with a tight seal door can ensure proper insulation. The NewAir NCH250SS00 door makes a swooshing sound while closing, providing adequate insulation to your cigars. 

Highlighted Features

  • The unit has a thermoelectric cooling
  • Key/lock feature
  • It includes level adjustment features
  • Digital Hygrometer ensures consistent temperature without fluctuation
  • Premium quality seal door mechanism included

Besides its perfect seal door, the unit features an upgraded lock and key facility to prevent unauthorized access. The unit is as powerful, if not more, than the other units mentioned in this list so far. This 60 wart humidor stores about 250 cigars and cools them down to a temperature of 52°F. 

In addition to its digital touch control panel, the digital Hygrometer features an advanced interface to check the humidity levels. However, even though the unit has multiple features, it is not larger than Audew JC-23C1.  

What we like

  • The design and look is ideal for placing it in any room
  • Premium quality cedar shelves make the unit worth the price
  • Its size ensures easy storages

What we don’t like

  • The cooling system does not turn off
  • It is not a noiseless unit

Editor’s Verdict:

Ideal for those looking for a small unit without any heating functionality.

How Do Electronic Humidors work?

Electronic cigar humidors help in maintaining the humidity of the cigar at a consistent level. Generally, most electric cigar humidors are designed with distilled water reservoirs or distilled water units. However, most modern electronic cigar humidors have cartridges installed for convenience. 

Most of the elements used for humidification are passive; thus, they release humidity through evaporation and diffusion. It’s advisable to use an equal solution of distilled water, propylene, and glycol. These ingredients help to replenish the humidifying elements. 

It is also essential to compare the size of your cigar collection and the storage space to the humidifier. A small humidifier won’t maintain the required humidity levels. Similarly, if the storage unit is too big, it might produce excess humidity that will get your cigars wet. 

Things to consider before buying the best electric cigar humidor:

Picking the right cigar humidor is essential if you want to keep your cigars fresh and moist for a long time. The importance of a “good” cigar humidor in the life of a cigar connoisseur cannot be highlighted enough. 

But the question is, how do you select the best electric cigar humidor? 

The multiple options in the market and their impressive features can get you confused. 

Thus here are some “must consider” points which will make your buying process smooth:

Seal test:

The purpose of the cigar humidor is lost if the seal on it is useless. Such humidors will not be able to provide the right protection to your cigars. 

The best way to check the seal is by lifting the cigar case lid a few inches and then dropping it. Listen to the closing sound carefully. If it does make a whoosh sound, the seal is perfect. 

Hardware check:

The hinges, quadrant hinges, and arcs on your cigar humidor are very important as well. Thus make sure that they are made of solid hardware, preferably brass. 

The hinges should be strong enough to hold the lid and, of course, shouldn’t become loose over time. 

However, if you cannot find brass hinges opt for the “piano” style or continuous hinges. These types of hinges run the length of the base at the back of the case. 

Wood type:

If you have surveyed the market for the best electric cigar humidor, then you are aware that Spanish cedar is the best kind of wood used in these cases. 

These are ideal as they preserve humidity and keep the moisture and freshness of the cigars intact over a long period of time. 

But if you cannot find a unit lined with Spanish cedar, you can opt for other wood types like oak, maple, cherry wood, or mahogany. 

Please note that the construction of the wood itself plays a big role in the quality of the humidor and its ability to insulate. 


As long as the seal and hinges on the humidor are fine, how the unit would look is your personal choice. You can either opt for a wooden, plastic, or metal unit. Though wooden humidors are the best options, they can be very expensive. 

But if you want to go for the wooden look at a slightly lesser price, you can try out a unit in a wooden veneer. 


Both a hygrometer and a thermometer is important to maintain the quality of the cigars. Naturally, cigar connoisseurs take them very seriously. 

But the question is would you want a unit that has them in-built, or will you be willing to install these accessories separately? 

Ideally, you should get a humidor that has both of these accessories pre-installed. Though these units are a little pricey, they are sure to make your life easier.

Installing such sensitive accessories on your own involves some hassle, and if it’s not done properly, then the quality of the cigars will go to waste.

Benefits of electronic cigar humidors:


These types of humidors are designed with a permanent humidifying mechanism. Thus the cigars stored inside these are moist being kept under the required moisture levels. 

If you don’t store your cigar in a humidor, it will take less than three days to dry off entirely or level up with the surrounding humidity. Thankfully electronic cigar humidors keep the temperature between 68-72%, perfect for cigar storage. 


An electronic cigar humidor eliminates the chances of tobacco beetles hatching their eggs in the cigars. This, in turn, saves the cigars from rotting. Once the humidor is set at 25 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 75%, an electronic cigar humidor impedes the hatching of eggs. 

However, low temperature, around 12 degrees Celcius, impairs the aging process of cigars. Thus it’s advisable to keep the temperature a bit high, approximately 23 degrees Celcius. 

Storage capacity:

There are many types of electronic cigar humidors available in the market. However, the best option is a freestanding one. Though it takes up more space, it does offer more extensive storage space. Even if you have portable humidors, you can keep these in the freestanding unit, which will control the overall temperature of the storage cabinet.

Best Electric Cigar Humidors FAQs: 


Cigars are very sensitive to any form of change in their environment; thus, they must be handled very carefully, even while seasoning the humidor. 
The best thing to do is to place the cigars in a Tupperware container or ice chest with some form of humidification. If you don’t have a Tupperware container, a premium quality zip lock pack should also work for some time. 


You need to re-season the humidor from time to time. However, if you require to re-season it more than twice a year, you must consider buying a new unit. 
The proper functioning of a humidor is heavily dependent on a two-way humidity control process. If the unit has too much moisture in it, mold can infest the cigars. 


Distilled water is recommended for all humidor seasoning as it does not have any minerals, bacteria, or chemicals. Minerals and chemicals can clog the absorbent capacity of the system and can also add unwanted smells and flavors to the cigars.


Yes. You must change it every 3 to 4 months. The filters must also be cleaned from time to time using distilled water. However, if it does not get clean enough, it might be time to change it.


We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to buy the best electric cigar humidor with ease. 

In addition to the top products in this category, we have covered the basic points that you need to consider while buying a cigar humidor. 

Yes, it can still be confusing to select one that might be ideal for you. But as a rule of thumb, don’t opt for low priced cases. 

While the price of these units may seem too good to be true, they are often made out of cheap material, which is not worthwhile. 

Since you are buying a case anyway, might as well give something extra and have your cigars fresh and flavourful.

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