Best Travel Cigar Humidor to Make Your Trip Enjoyable

Imagine this; you have your heart set to have one of your fine cigars for the next hour. 

Your client meeting was a success, and you want to celebrate it personally for a while before joining the others for the official dinner. The perfect end to your business tour.

You reach out to your coat pocket, drag out your cigar only to realize that it’s dry, lifeless, and breaking into chips. Oh, the pain!

Your evening is ruined, and so is your coat pocket, thanks to all the residue it has collected from the broken cigar. 

If you have faced a similar situation in the past, it might be time to consider buying the best travel cigar humidor.

What is a travel humidor?

Like regular humidors, a travel humidor is a box that is ideal for storing cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco. This case or box is designed to keep your smokes fresh and moist so that you don’t experience such disheartening evenings. That is certainly a must-have quality of a best travel cigar humidor

But a travel humidor is different from a regular humidor in terms of size. The former ones can store only a limited number of units and are often accompanied by accessories and upgrades. 

But can you pick up a travel humidor because it comes with cool accessories? Of course not! 

There are few things to be considered for that, and we have got all of it covered.

Plus, there are handpicked best travel cigar humidor listed below that you can indeed look into if you have travel plans coming up soon.

Best travel cigar humidor Product Reviews:

Scott Cigar humidor jar:

Though you may love smoking cigars, you may dislike having them displayed all the time. After all, smoking is a personal matter, and you might be one of the few who like to keep it private. 

In that case, this humidor is the perfect pick for you. The entire body of the unit is crafted out of premium quality cedar to give the perfect environment for your cigars. The exterior of the unit has been kept very sophisticated in a black leather cover. A hygrometer is placed right on top of the lid so that it is easy to check the humidity.

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However, the unit is not airtight like all other humidors. Thus storing cigars to age in this unit is not an option. This piece is more for regular smokers. 12-16 cigars can be easily fit in this case, and it performs as a great travel case provided you have a more suited humidor at home.

Key features:

  • A portable cigar moisturizing canister. Ideal for travel purposes thus making it one of the best travel cigar humidor
  • Made out of high-quality cedar leather (interior) and black polished leather (exterior)
  • The unit can hold up to 12-16 cigars, which is ideal for travel, home, and office use
  • Portable, simple and durable


✅ The unit has nice details and designs
✅ A nice unit within an affordable price range
✅ Velvet gift bag included
✅ The size of the unit is perfect to put in a backpack
✅ Retains perfect humidity


❌ Does not hold as many cigars as advertised
❌ The cedar inner lining is not smooth
❌ Too short inner wood ring


Pardo Cigar Travel Humidor Case:

Another exquisite piece for travelers who are passionate about exploring new places and smoking! One of the major issues of traveling with your cigars is that you continuously worry about the safety of your prized smokes.

You obviously cannot stuff them in your bag, and even if you put them in a humidor, chances are they might get crushed! But thankfully, Pardo Cigar case, one of the best travel cigar humidor that is crushproof airtight, and waterproof! Plus, there is an in-built humidification disc to keep the cigars at an optimal temperature.

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You can store up to five cigars in this unit, and rest assured that the exterior of the case will protect your cargo. The unit comes with two strong locking systems and seals that keep the interior of the box airtight. 

Finally, the unit features a strong handle so that you can carry it wherever you go.

Key features:

  • Perfect cigar case that is crushproof, airtight, and waterproof
  • Can hold up to 5 cigars
  • Inner foam provides the perfect cushioning to protect the cigars
  • Two strong clasps and inner seal included
  • Easy to clean unit


✅ Well structured case
✅ An ideal piece for travel
✅ Premium quality unit
✅ Durable and long-lasting case
✅ Simple and easy to use


❌ Some users say that it does not fit give cigars
❌ The unit is quite small
❌ The locks are not too strong


AMANCY Popular Cedar Wood Lined Portable Travel Leather Cigar Humidor

If you have events to attend and would want your cigars to accompany you, then make sure you put them in this unit! This particular humidor has a great seal, and the cedar inner lining absorbs any residue moisture so that your cigars remain fresh and seasoned. That makes it well worthy to be mentioned in the list of best travel cigar humidor.

Though the brand advertises that the unit can hold up to 5 cigars, it greatly depends on the vitola.

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While the interior of the unit has a cedar leather covering, the exterior is made out of PU leather. Design and quality-wise, the unit is tight and does its job perfectly. 

Overall the unit is durable and can protect the cigars against any spills and lumps. 


  • Modern and sophistication design 
  • The case is easy to carry
  • Exterior made out of PU leather and interior is made with cedar leather
  • Includes a built-in hygrometer, dropper instructions, and hygrometer


✅ The unit is lightweight thus is ideal for travel
✅ The piece is durable
✅ Preserves cigars very well
✅ Elegant and modern design
✅ The unit features a built-in hygrometer


❌ Some users complain that it does not have a lot of space
❌ The design is too simple
❌ It is not ideal for people who prefer a case over a tube


AMANCY Top Quality 3:

Another travel humidor that is perfect for keeping in your suit pocket! The best part is, it is a smaller unit that can hold up to three of your best smokes. 

This cedar wood-lined cigar case comes with a stainless steel cutter. The case overall is very fashionable, easy to use, and is extremely budget-friendly.

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The case is smooth, lightweight, and slips into the pocket without any effort.

Key features:

  • The unit comes in a classic brown color
  • Made out of cedarwood, the unit includes a cutter
  • It can hold up to 3 cigars and has a ring gauge of 52
  • Easy to carry the unit


✅ The unit has the ideal dimension for lightweight traveling
✅ Features a fancy brown look
✅ The case also includes a 100 percent money-back guarantee
✅ Includes a stainless steel cutter
✅ The case is solid and well constructed


❌ The inner lining is too thin
❌ The finishing of the cutter is not smooth
❌ Holds a limited number of cigars


Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Electronic Humidifier

What if you could store your cigars and stop worrying about their condition? Is that even possible?

Don’t you need to check on it from time to time to see if the storing environment is congenial? Well, you don’t have to if you own the Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0! That’s why it deserves a spot on the list of best travel cigar humidor

The seal design of this unit ensures that your desired level of humidity is maintained within the unit and that it is never overly humidified! This humidor is perfect to be placed on desktops and countertops.

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The unit comes preset at 70% RHP. However, you can change it to the humidity level you like. The in-built sensor of the humidor senses the humidity level and then activates the fan to produce the cleanest humidity. 

This air circulates throughout the unit so that each cigar is humidified equally. All this keeps the cigars fresh, protected, and preserved.

Key features:

  • The excellent seal design makes this unit perfect for any humidor
  • The unit powers up through a streamlined thin electronic ribbon
  • The unit comes installed with a preheated water cartridge that contains distilled water
  • Sensor controlled fan circulates humidity within the unit


✅ Easy to connect the unit with WiFi
✅ Keeps cigars moist
✅ A low maintenance unit
✅ Easy to control the humidity of the unit using a smartphone
✅ Excellent customer service


❌ User instructions are not clear
❌ The unit suffers from a few functional issues
❌ The hygrometer is not accurate


Things to Consider while Buying a Best Travel Humidor:

Though all of the products listed above are the best budget picks, you need to look into a few details of the products before you can purchase one.

After all, you need your cigars moist and fresh, and the only way to do that is by selecting the humidor that keeps your smoke perfect before you can take that puff. 

Thus, considering these things are crucial to choose the best travel cigar humidor:

Storage space:

Thus should be the first consideration point on your mind. Since you will be traveling with your humidor, you want a unit that can store at least three cigars or more.

In fact, the storage space of your selected humidor should depend on the number of days you will be traveling. If you are an occasional smoker, you can try a pocket case like AMANCY Top Quality 3. This unit can hold three cigars along with a cutter. 

Material and build:

Buying a humidor is an investment; even if you are buying a small unit, you want it to last long. Thus durability is an important factor to consider. 

To that end, it is advisable to select a unit that has a strong exterior that can resist wear and tear. Ideally, a case with a durable leather exterior is a good pick. Additionally, make sure the case has a cedar wood interior. This will keep the cigars fresh and moist for a long time. 

Thankfully, all the products listed above come with a cedar wood finish.


This is one factor you cannot overlook, even if you want to! If you want a humidor that looks ultra-fancy, you know something that is going to turn a lot of heads; then you can’t look at inexpensive options. Unfortunately, these pieces are pricey. But if you are a cigar enthusiast looking for a budget-friendly option to keep the smokes safe, there are quite a few options for you.


Though it is not mandatory, a lot of brands offer a few useful accessories to grab the attention of the buyers. The most common and useful of the lot being a cutter. It a good idea to look for humidors that come with accessories as it can save you the extra cost of buying accessories separately. There are some brands that even offer a butane lighter! 


The make, look, exterior, and accessories are all add-ons, honestly. The most crucial purpose of a humidor is to maintain a stable humidity level inside the case. Thus, it is crucial to consider this factor and do some in-depth research to find a humidor that provides the perfect humidification to the cigars. 

Air circulation:

The air circulation process of the container needs to be checked. It should be airy enough so that the cigars don’t develop molds. 


Since you are looking for a travel humidor, you want your unit to be small and travel friendly. You cannot possibly travel with a big case to store 50-60 cigars and fit that in your suitcase. This especially becomes a problem if you have to travel light. In such cases, you need to look for a humidor that is small, lightweight, and portable.

Best Travel Humidor FAQ:

Do travel humidors work?

A travel humidor does exactly what its name suggests. The purpose of these units is to maintain the ideal humidity of the air within the humidor. The humidor does not humidify the cigars as such but moistens the air, which in turn makes the cigars moist. However, if the humidor is stuffed, there is very little air left in the car, which can render the humidor useless. but a best travel cigar humidor can take care of it.

How to season a travel humidor?

Unless it is made out of wood, seasoning and maintenance of a travel humidor is generally low. The only thing to do is to place a humidifier inside the humidor for a short time before placing the cigars. This prepares the environment inside the case and keeps the cigars fresh and moist.

How to pack your cigars for travel?

First things first, cigars don’t perform well in overstuffed bags and suitcases. If you try to force your cigars in, chances are they will break. On the flip side, you cannot put them in an empty compartment where there is too much space for the cigars to roll and bounce. 

Thus you need a best travel cigar humidor to store your cigars during travel. There are pocket sleeves as well as cases to look into, and Ideally, it should be placed in your carry-on bag.

How long will the cigars last in a travel humidor?

Cigars can be stores in a travel humidor for three months. Since the cigars get refined and develop a balanced taste during the aging process, it is alright to keep them stored in the travel humidor for three months.

How to select the ideal travel humidor size?

This depends greatly on the number of smokes you have in a day. For instance, if you are an occasional smoker, then a small case will be ideal. But if you smoke cigars on weekends, then you require a case that can hold 6-7 cigars or more.


When you finally take a puff of your cigar, you want it to remain moist and fresh and for that you must choose the best travel cigar humidor. 

But for that to happen, especially if you are traveling, you want to put them in a case that can retain all its essential components. 

So pick a case from the ones listed above and make sure they are well built, portable, and of course, within your budget. 

Then you can puff your way to glory!

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